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18th Annual Holiday Bazaar

by Ms. Tracy Parker - Sunday, December 13, 2015

This year marked the 18th Annual Holiday Bazaar at Saint John High School. The excitement began on Friday as we filled our tummies with a beautiful pancake breakfast and then live "entertainment" provided by the staff for the enjoyment of our students. Then the work truly began as students and staff alike worked side by side to create a set up for the Bazaar taking place on Saturday. You could feel the excitement in the air and the joy felt by those involved as the cafeteria became a French Café, the hallway now a place full of live holiday music, baked treats, expressions of holidays celebrated all over the world and so much more. The silent auction items were placed out ready for bidding and the gymnasium was set with over 80 tables waiting for the vendors to join us the following day.

When Saturday rolled in, so did the wonderful people that joined us for our largest school fundraiser of the year! Spirit was rushing through the halls and so were the people! Some were bidding on that special item at the auction, hoping to outbid the competition, some were purchasing Holiday gifts at the vendor tables, many were experiencing the treats in the French Café and the bake sale, and everyone was enjoying the live music at various venues throughout the school.

The event was full of fun, joy and truly a team effort! Thank you to everyone who assisted in making this event so successful - most importantly, the wonderful students of Saint John High who showed just what it means to be a Greyhound! Thank you to all visitors who came out to join us during this very special two days. We thank you all for your support of our school and for sharing this holiday event with us! We hope to see everyone again next year!!!

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