Marylise Habiyambere photo/SJHS

Pancake Breakfast at Trinity Church

by Marylise Habiyambere - Sunday, April 10, 2016

On Saturday, April 2nd, members of club HOPE organized their annual pancake breakfast at Trinity Church. Pancakes and sausages were served, along with juice, coffee and tea. Snacks such as granola bars were handed out as well. The students got to interact with the guest and entertain them with some music. The event was a success and we were delighted to see the many grade 9s who helped out that day.

12919727_953228084773437_5978895182300931056_n.jpg - Taken by Marylise Habiyambere

12931184_559987774175867_1342679925227944974_n.jpg - Hard at work! - Taken by Marylise Habiyambere

12932593_559987937509184_4265362404692695379_n.jpg - New friends! - Taken by Marylise Habiyambere

1509034_953228078106771_6980625134154048327_n.jpg - Taken by Marylise Habiyambere

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