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by Webstaff - Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday night the 7th of June proved to be a memorable and celebratory occasion as our many active and devoted SJHS students were honored for their dedication to athletics, drama, music, yearbook, student council, and student leadership.

In addition to the awards for students, three retiring faculty members were presented with the school's highest traditional honor for particpation - the Silver 'A' for their many years of dedication to and support of school life: Ms. Blok, Ms. Internoscia, and Ms. Holt.

Special thanks to those staff members who prepared for this memorable evening and to the individuals who have made this night possible for our award recipients: parents, coaches, teachers, and of course the students who made the activity possible... It is an evening to reflect on the accomplishment of yet an another great year in the life of the hounds.

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