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A One on One with Our New Principal: Ms. Wall

by Marylise Habiyambere - Sunday, September 4, 2016

This summer I got the chance to talk with Ms. Wall, our new principal, and ask her a few questions. We got to talk about her experiences at Saint John High School, since she is a Saint John High alumni. Here is a snippet of our conversation:

"When did you graduate from Saint John High School?"

"I graduated in 1981."

"Were you very involved with the school?"

"I was very active in sports: I was a swimmer;

I played girls hockey; I played girls softball; I did track and field; and I

was involved in managing girls' basketball. I kept myself really busy."

"What is your favourite memory from your time at SJHS?"

"I think my favorite memory would probably be all the friends I made on our road trips for sports."

"Which did you enjoy most: Memorial Game Day or pancake breakfast day?"

"Well when I went to high school we never had either of those."

"Oh, really?"

"No, actually David MacPherson, who the Memorial Game is named after, was one of my teachers when I was at Saint John High School."

"What was your favourite school event at the time?"

"It probably would have been going to the football games. It was quite different, I know that Saint John High holds a whole bunch of events throughout the year, which I'm very much looking forward to learning about, but it would've been going to the football games for us."

"Did you have a favourite spot in the school?"

"Probably the breeze way."

"Who was your favourite teacher?"

"Oh wow that's a hard one. My favourite teacher would've been Mr. Perry; he was a biology teacher.

"What was your favourite course in high school?"

"My favourite course probably would've been biology: I just really enjoyed the way the class was taught. I really loved science and Mr. Perry was the type of teacher that would make you love a subject. I went on to do a bachelor of science in biology and phys. ed."

"What did you like most about being a greyhound?"

"The sense of belonging: I felt that I belonged and actually when I was told that I had the principal job, I said to the person who told me, I'm coming home."

We then talked about her involvements outside of Saint John High:

"What did you do outside of school? Were you involved in the community?"

"I was involved in the community for sure. I did some volunteer work and my dad had a little corner grocery store, so I worked there a lot as well."

"What kind of volunteering did you do?"

"It was with the kids. I worked with the city of Saint John in parks and recreation, so I would do stuff in the winter time before the job would start in the summer, just working with kids within our own community."

"Are any of your old coaches or teachers still on staff?"

"Well there is one that I didn't have as a teacher, but she started the year that I did and that would be Ms. Teed. The year that I was graduating she started. I remember as a student that she was connected to field hockey. I use to go watch the field hockey games and she was just always happy and smiling, and made everyone feel good."

Afterwards, I asked her about her experience as a principle:

"To be really honest, when I first became principle 15 years ago, I didn't really think I would ever become one. I was in Northern New Brunswick, the superintendent told me I had really good leadership skills and he wanted me in the leadership development program and right away I was placed in a school as an acting principal. I thought 'gee I really like this because I get to make some decisions and I can be involved with the students', so it was kind of a good fit."

"Are you excited to be back at SJHS?"

"I'm very excited!"

"Is there anything you want the students to know about you?"

"Well you'll see me at outdoor events, I have two Labrador Retrievers, one is named Coach and the other is named Charlotte and usually when I attend outdoor events like soccer, football, field hockey I usually try and take my dogs with me."

I really enjoyed getting to know our new principal and I hope the rest of the students learned a few things as well. Ms. Wall was a past student at SJHS who has walked the same halls we have, played on several of our sports teams, and is excited to be home. We look forward to having you back into the greyhound family, Ms. Wall!