Club Hope Hosts Ghoul School Once Again

by Tracy Lutz - Sunday, October 30, 2016

Every year during Haunted House, the members of Club HOPE have the pleasure of hosting the 'lighter' version: Ghoul School for the younger kids not quite ready for a fright night. Instead of being spooked by scary zombies and ghosts, young children get to enjoy cookie decorating, crafts and games in the much-more friendly cafeteria setting.

Big thanks to our club presidents, Cody Roy and Nicholas Smith, and to all the members who entertained our guests and helped plan, gather materials and clean up afterward. Great work, everyone!

ghoul_school_2016_cake_decorating.jpg - Taken by Tacy Lutz - Oct 28, 2016

ghoul_school_2016_crafts.jpg - Taken by Tracy Lutz - Oct 28, 2016