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A glimpse of Extraordinary Splendors of Chinese culture In Mandarin Class

by Katherine Zhang - Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Do you know the time difference between China and Canada? Do you like Giant Panda? Do you want to know how long, how huge, and how old is the Great Wall? Can you understand the philosophical meaning of Chinese Kungfu? Welcome to Mandarin class!

An old saying of Chinese shadow play goes like this: on the three feet stage, narratives go on through ages; with a light and both hands, millions of soldiers were commanded. Manipulated by some Canadian students, the ancient oriental art---Shaanxi shadow play is one part of the Mandarin class activities. Besides Chinese language, students in Mandarin class have a glimpse of extraordinary splendors of Chinese culture: paper-cut, calligraphy, traditional painting, Beijing opera masks, Chinese cuisine, Chinese tea ceremony, Chinese garments, etc.. You name it, and we have it!

For the language part, students have a chance to learn Pinyin, which are the phonetic alphabets of the Chinese characters. Besides Pinyin, students learn some basic and simple Chinese characters, a kind of pictorial symbols, and you are not just writing them, but more like drawing them. And, in the Chinese language class, students can also learn some simple spoken Chinese. For example, how to greet people in Chinese, how to ask and answer questions about people's age, how to describe a person in Chinese, how to describe your room, how to distinguish the Chinese money and learn kinship terms in Chinese, and some common terms in Chinese, etc..

Don't hesitate to join Ms Zhang and her lovely students whenever you've time!

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