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Memorial Service

by Lori Wall - Tuesday, December 6, 2016

On the afternoon of November 30, 2016, close to 500 colleagues, friends and family of Dennis Knibb came together in the Auditorium named in his honour, to remember the former SJHS Principal of 27 years, City Councillor and friend. Several of the alumni and his sister Joyce and her husband John from New Zealand joined the service via live stream.

The SJHS concert choir led those gathered in O Canada before the opening prayer was brought by Rev. Chris McMullen from Mr. Knibb's home church, the Church of the Good Shepherd. A welcome and reflection was then brought by

Peter Hyslop, Class of 73. Other guest speakers included Dale Knox, Class of '86, Marijke Blok on behalf of the Faculty, Mayor Don Darling on behalf of the City of Saint John. Steve Murphy, Class of '78 spoke on behalf of all students who had been at SJHS while Mr. Knibb was Principal. Each of the speakers shared stories of their recollection of time spent with Mr. Knibb over the years.

Scripture readings were brought by Suzanne Irving, Class of '52 and Richard Thorne, former Faculty member for 30 years. The concert choir sang two selections - "After the War" and "Nella Fantasia" before leading those gathered in "I Feel the Winds of God Today". The Venerable Art Gregg from the Church of The Good Shepherd brought the closing prayer before Peter Hyslop ended the service with "Ladies and Gentlemen - The Queen" - for the last time.

Following the service, guests were invited to the David Ring Gymnasium to rekindle friendships and talk of their connections and stories of Mr. Knibb. As people mingled the sounds of laughter was common place as stories of driving with Mr. Knibb and some of the antics that they had been involved in.

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