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Senior Girls Swimmers NBIAA Champs!!

by C Sullivan - Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Saint John High Swim team finished the season second among the 29 competing Provincial High Schools. The senior girls finished first to defend their NBIAA title from 2015-16. Led by captain Nicole MacNeil, the team outpaced FHS in the race for first. The team members consist of Janelle & Kyra Holt, Emilee Hoellwarth, Angelina Kim, Lily Belyea, Victoria Ruigrok and Katherine Keyes. The senior boys team captured gold in the 50 Backstroke (Tanguy Vie-Mahe), 50 Freestyle (Adrien Selway) and also the 4x50 Freestyle Relay (Adrien Selway, Ben Morris, Dennis Emerson, Tanguy Vie-Mahe). The junior boys captured gold in the 4x50 Medley relay and the senior girls won the 4x50 Medley relay.