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Welcome to SJHS Farley!

by Lori Wall - Friday, February 3, 2017

On Monday, February 6th we will welcome "Farley" a Dog Guide for one of our teachers. Ms. Bradford has been away in Oakville at the training center for Dog Guides with the Lion's International for the last month. As they transition back to SJHS, we know that this will be a time for Farley to get to know his new environment and should expect that he will be doing a lot of sniffing.

It is important for our entire community to understand that Farley is Ms. Bradford's eyes and as such he is working while he is here. Ms. Bradford has had to sign a contract with Lion's International that we will take a "hands off" and "no eye contact" approach in order to allow Farley to do his job.

While we know that people will want to "meet" Farley, we need to respect that for the remainder of the year you may not approach or distract him as he is still in his training phase. We all need to support Ms. Bradford and Farley to be successful. '

If you follow the link below, you can see Rick Mercer and a segment he did on Dog Guides at the training center.

Rick Mercer Video








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