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Open House: A GREAT Success

by Webstaff - Thursday, February 16, 2017

SJHS finally got to hold their Open House on Feb. 15th after several cancellations due to the weather. The student led event began in the Dennis R. Knibb Auditorium with approximately 800 people in attendance. As all assemblies do, we began the evening with the singing of our National Anthem and then had greetings by SRC President Maggie Oliver, and PSSC Co-Chair Kathy Dumouchel. The crowd was then treated to a musical number by the cast of Les Miserables. Our SRC did a great job in showcasing their school to those gathered. Students from all aspects of the school acted as tour guides to the Grade 8 students and their parents, what great ambassadors our students are for their school!

Our Visitors were treated to various types of events in each of our subject areas by our faculty, while at the same time gathering information from our student tour guides. During the tour one of the favourite stops was in the cafeteria where our PSSC were handing out cake and answering questions from any parents that had wanted to chat! Those that were not interested in the formal tour were encouraged to visit the school through a self guided tour.

Although we realize that not all of those in attendance will be able to attend SJHS in the Fall, we certainly wish everyone the very best with process. If you have any unanswered questions from the Open House, we would be more than pleased to respond to them - just contact the school.

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