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It Takes A Village to Raise a Teen - Drug Awareness Presentation

by Kathy Dumouchel - Friday, March 3, 2017

On Monday evening, the It takes A Village to Raise a Teen information series which is a collaborative effort of the PSSCs of the four high schools in Saint John, had another successful event for parents on Drug Awareness at St. Malachy's. The speakers included David Adams who lost his 17 year old son to a synthetic drug and members of the Saint John Police Force who were able to provide an overview of the hard facts of drugs and teens. In addition, Dr. Tunde, a local adolescent psychiatrist who specializes in mental health and substance addictive disorders talked about marijuana use and its effect on the developing brain and Nathalie Hughes told of her personal journey from addiction to

recovery. Together this dynamic group of speakers provided a great starting point for parents to educate themselves in the fight against drug use in teens.

Each of the presentations stressed the importance of having an open conversation with our kids. Feedback from attendees was extremely positive and asked for more of these presentations as education is the key. Youth are not understanding the true dangers of drugs and for that reason it has become very important as parents that we understand.

The next presentation in this series will be on Teen Anxiety on Thursday, May 4th.









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