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Science Fair Showcases Young Scientists!

by Mary Savoie - Sunday, March 26, 2017

Saint John High School held their science fair on March 17. What a group of amazing young scientists! The judges were impressed with the scientific thought and innovation that went into these investigations. There were projects on filtration of water, extraction of DNA, stem cell research, floating soap, sun rotation, periwinkle shell depth, bath bombs, genetics, etc. Teachers and students who came to view the fair enjoyed listening to the students and viewing their poster boards.

Congrats to the winners: Ria Kunkulol, Chandler Doucette, Johan Dysart, Connor Savoie & Jacob Gomke, John Corscadden & Ethan Bustin and Allison Cooke & Caroline Hovey. We wish them luck as they move on to the Fundy Science Fair to be held on April 7 at UNBSJ. Go Greyhounds!!

Honorable mentions: Megan Fisher, Keiffer Sullivan, and Gregor Stewart & Mashroor Rahman.

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