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Students Win $6000 with WorkplaceNB Video

by SJHS WorkSafe NB team - Monday, May 22, 2017

In November of 2016, we (Hooriya Sher, Jayatee Ray, Nihla Hussain and Sarah Kim) were chosen as the team to represent SJHS at the WorkSafeNB Youth Leadership Forum. We were amongst multiple other teams from other schools and we received the chance to perform leadership activities, listen to inspiring speakers and, most importantly, learn about workplace health and safety. The forum was followed by a 4-month project/competition in which our task was to advocate workplace health and safety to youth and our team did so in multiple ways. We presented in front of the grade 8 students at EMNS and two YMCA

Newcomer classes, along with creating a poster, a website and a video which was played in front of SJHS at an assembly in order to ensure that the message was widespread. Fortunately, our advocacy efforts won the highest points in the competition so we were awarded with $1000 each and the school was awarded with $2000 towards future safety and leadership initiatives. Before the forum and project we had little knowledge of the harm caused by the lack of workplace safety and this project gave us the opportunity to spread awareness of a matter that is often neglected. We were very lucky as aside from winning the competition, we were also able to greatly improve our leadership, teamwork, and organization skills and gain knowledge on a matter that we will carry throughout our future as we enter the workforce. We encourage everyone to inform themselves on workplace health and safety through our website and video, or through WorkSafeNB itself and if students are given the opportunity in the future we would highly recommend it as it is an enriching experience.


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