Saint John High School's first International Night

by Nihla Hussain and Jayatee Ray - Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Saint John High School's first International Night on May 26th, 2017 was an unforgettable night of celebration and sharing of cultures! Our school and communities are filled with a variety of nationalities and backgrounds that do not always get the chance to be shown in our city. With it being "National Asian Heritage Month" in May, we believed it to be the perfect time to host an event such as International Night at our school. The event planning began in late April, when we began looking for performers and booth attendees to showcase different cultures around the world. We were met with many positive reactions and enthusiasm from our students and the community - specifically Ms. Kim Chi Nguyen a Student Liaison and Youth Worker for YMCA Newcomers Connection, who helped us with any questions that arose during the process.

When the evening of the event came we were blown away by the desire to help from our student volunteers, the large audience, the passion put into each booth and performance, and the overall celebration of cultural diversity! There were endless varieties of food and activities to choose from out of the 17 booths, which included Syria, Somalia, Bangladesh, India, China, Vietnam, Yemen, UAE, Canada and many more, followed by spectacular performances from a wide range of people in the Saint John community. We would really like to thank all the participants, volunteers, performers and everyone that attended International Night for making it a successful event and a vibrant way to end the year! We are very fortunate to be surrounded by so much cultural diversity and we look forward to seeing this event take place again in the near future along with an even greater attendance from our community.

-Special Events Committee (Nihla Hussain and Jayatee Ray)