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A Tale of Two Cruise Ships: AP English Students Interview Passengers

by Ms. Frances Butler - Sunday, September 24, 2017

Wednesday, September 13th was a banner day for cruise ship passengers and Ms. Butler's AP121 English students took full advantage of the last twenty minutes of class to discover what our visitors know about literature. Their task was to ask visitors about their favorite books, and needless to say, the answers varied as much as the countries from which they originated!

Sammey, Emma, and Allie interviewed three visitors who enjoyed Now You See Her, Harry Potter, and Last Lecture. The reasons were: "I like mysteries", "I don't know", and "it has a good storyline".

Mark, Luhumba, and Jesse spoke to a woman from Germany who loved Nicholas Sparks' Two by Two for its romance, and Gavin and Jolin spoke with a man who enjoys non-fiction, so his choice was Chemical Pathway. Another German visitor enjoyed In Times of Fading Light (translated from German), which was made into a movie. Other novels included Game of Thrones: A Dance with the Dragons, Huckleberry Finn, and Dracula, to name a few.

The students found the exercise made them step outside their comfort zone, and they were surprised by some of the 'quotable quotes' they received, such as: "I haven't read a book in twelve years", "No, no, too much feeling! I have to find my wife!", "Do you speak German?", "No books! No books!", and "No, no, we don't talk to girls like you"!!

As Nick and Owen pointed out, "Not everyone reads books like we do in High School". J


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