Maureen Desmond photo/SJHS

SJHS attends Unveiling of the Turner Brewer Memorial Garden

by Siyum Mohiuddin - Wednesday, October 4, 2017

SJHS was proud to be part of the unveiling of the Turner Brewer Memorial Garden at Rainbow Park. Our student council executives, Principal Lori Wall, and Vice Principals Sherry Golding and Maureen Desmond, attended a memorial at the park alongside many Saint John community members. A section of Rainbow Park has now been dedicated to Jacqueline Brewer and John Turner, both young children who died of severe neglect. The memorial, unveiled on September 22, 2017, remembers the two and the many other children who are suffering in silence. The Saint John community had come together to highlight on the problems numerous children face in New Brunswick, and how everyone must take initiative to guarantee they live a healthy life.

Our executives and staff represented the care SJHS has for all students, and how we must reach out to anyone experiencing hardship. Stephen Horsman, the province's deputy premier and Minister of Families and Children, strongly signified on how they need to constantly improve to make sure all children are treated safely. Both Turner and Brewer died in 1996, however the memory of them is still strongly present, and the memorial ensures everyone is reminded of the tragedy and that we strive for the future of all children.