Jayatee Ray photo/SJHS

SJHS Awarded $500 By Weed Man

by Jayatee Ray - Monday, September 25, 2017

Saint John High School is known for its compassion and involvement within the community. It is with this involvement that our school was recognized by 'Weed Man' and was awarded $500 for their "Weed Man Cares" contest for helping to make and maintain Pte David Greenslade Memorial Peace Park. The park - named in honor of David Greenslade, a 2004 graduate and Canadian soldier - was created by the school and community members as a way to remember David and the five other soldiers that passed with him. The gate you see when walking into the park was made by our own talented students as a project for their welding class. The plants, sod, and flowers were also placed by students and helping community members. It was a project that the school took on in 2013, and now is a project that the Student Representative Council takes on every year to upkeep and maintain.

This past spring was not any different. Often looked at like tradition, the present and previous SRC combined to meet at the park and helped smarten out the area. We began with raking up old leaves or empty bottles and wrappers that had drifted into the park. We laid new gravel, removed weed from the grass, and scrubbed the gate clean. We all worked together, talking and laughing while placing garden lights or while carrying out wheelbarrows. It took a few hours but by the end, the park looked upstanding and up to the standards we were striving for it to be. It was a day that we, as Saint John High students, and community members all united to clean up a park that means so much to the school. Pte David Greenslade Memorial Peace Park symbolizes the type of people that make up our school: A population of students who care.