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International Night: A Trip Around the World in Our Own Gym

by Jayatee Ray - Tuesday, November 21, 2017

This past Thursday, Saint John High School celebrated its vast multicultural student body, and unique culture by hosting yet another successful International Night. Preparation began for this event from September and was wonderfully executed by the Saint John High School Special Events committee (Brianna Savoie & Allie Scott) as well as other helping students, such as Mrs. Cameron's world issues class who helped make poster boards of all the different nationalities found in our school.

The night began with cultural music playing in the background as comminute members, students, and parents filled the gym. Immediately they were presented with booths presenting cultural wear and aromas of the different foods these cultures had to offer. From Germany to China to Somalia, all cultures were presented to the public - a small window into what the culture had to offer. It was a bit after when performances began, and everyone got to enjoy live music and dancing from all around the globe.

International night was a night where everyone celebrated one another. We celebrated our different cuisines, our different languages, out different attrite, and with that, we found a common ground of acceptance and love - in our very own gym.

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