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Theory of Knowledge Class Takes in Wapikoni

by Tracy Lutz - Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sometimes the stars align.

Theory of Knowledge, a mandatory class for the IB Diploma Programme, explores the central questions "What do we know?" and "How do we know it?" That exploration takes us through many areas of knowledge, among them the arts and indigenous knowledge systems. When it was discovered that Wapikoni, the mobile cinema showing short films made by Indigenous peoples, had a stop at the Saint John Arts Centre, its relevance to our study couldn't be denied.

And, fortunately, the timing was perfect! Typically, the class meets every Wednesday night, but because everyone wished to attend the annual Memorial Game being held Wednesday the 15th, for this week only the TOK class was moved to Tuesday - the one night Wapikoni was in Saint John.

Sometimes the stars align.

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