Acting Out: An Evening of One-Act Plays

by Ms. Maryanne Lewell - Thursday, February 23, 2006

Is the middle of winter getting you down? Come out for an evening of entertainment courtesy your Saint John High School drama, with Acting Out: An Evening of One-Act Plays.

"They stuff 'em."
"The Duck Variations", by David Mamet and directed by Ms. Tracy Lutz, is a play where two gentlemen meet regularly on a park bench and discuss the meaning of life and death... and of course ducks. Jon O'Kane and Neil Bonner portray the cantankerous gentlemen in question.

"Sometimes, Sullivan, a trick is just a trick."
"The Three Burglars", by Scott Marshall and directed by Ms. Maryanne Lewell, is a mystery about a heist, murder, and a deck of cards. Somebody's messed with casino boss Jim Steranko, and it's time to sweat out the suspects. Miles Clayden is Thomas Kane, a magician; Chelsea Brake is Stanley Cole, a hypnotist; Mitchell Pert is Danny Sullivan, a ventriloquist; Andrew Hicks is Mumbles the mime; and Neil Bonner is Frankie the casino enforcer.

In addition to these two one-act plays are three monologues, by Andrew Hicks (from "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown"), Chelsea Brake (from "The Belle of Amherst") and Mary-Claire Sanderson (from "Saint Joan")

Acting Out is only available for a limited time! It will run this Thursday, Friday and Saturday Feburary 23-25 in the Mini Theatre. Curtain is at 8pm. Tickets are available for $5 at the door.

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