About Trish Gallagher

Trish Gallagher

Trish Gallagher is no stranger to the music scene in Saint John. Prior to her graduation from St. Vincent's High School in 1986, she was a valued member of Father Stan Paulin's Chorale St. Vincent. She went to Mount Allison University, where she pursued a degree in music, followed by her Education degree. Trish began teaching elementary school in District 10, and it was a tremendous boon to Saint John High when she joined our teaching staff in the fall of 1998.

Trish has been involved as a performer in a very eclectic range of musical endeavours, from the Opera, to dinner theatre, to country/rock bands. Her love of music, and devotion to its performance and interpretation, have also made her a wonderful instructor, and a gifted music director. She is equally supportive of the classical and hard rock musicians in her classes, and she is able to draw brilliant work from all of them.

When students expressed a wish to apply their musical talents in a spiritual arena, Trish quickly initiated One Five O, which continues to grow in numbers and diversity.

Through her generous sharing of her musical gift, this first offering of One Five O in performance is made possible.

Write-up by Marijke Blok. Photo by Martin Flewwelling