Issue 1.1 Monday, April 7, 2003

Art at SJHS
by Sarah Jane Eves
Saint John High School is unique. One building holds hundreds of diverse students who all have many different talents and abilities. Luckily for us, we not only have great sports teams to represent us, but we also have a strong artistic community who is constantly pushing the limits and changing the ideals of High School art. Now when I use the term 'artist' I'm not just talking about visual artists, but rather I'm talking about the singers, instrumentalists, and actors.

Every year these artists come together and work long and hard for their school, and almost always go unappreciated, however, this year has changed things. When you think about it, the face of Saint John High is changing. I'm not saying that the artists are taking over like in some cheesy Godzilla movie, but I mean that the artists are finally getting the same recognition as our sports teams, which gives us a good balance and will inevitably bring in new greyhounds to keep the SJHS population thriving and secure our place as the best high school in the world. But I digress. When you think about, the artistic community is having a big say in the way the school is run this year. The SRC executives are all talented singers & musicians and are highly involved in the artistic activities within the school.

This is also the first year that we have offered both IB Music and IB Art classes, which allows the many talented students in this school to practice and perfect their art. No other school in the city (or surrounding areas) offers advanced classes in both these subjects. The SRC has also contributed to the arts by creating an "Artist of the Month", which is basically the same idea as the "Athlete of the Month". Each Month, an artist who has given something back to the school, whether it be performing in a school production, painting sets, or playing in a music festival, gets the honor of being recognized as the "Artist of The Month". This is another great way to bring art to a forefront and allow the rest of the school, who might not otherwise be exposed to the artistic community, to appreciate each artist's own contribution.

Sarah Black is distressed as a Juliet over her fallen Romeo, who was played by Chris Kierstead
Another advance in the artistic world lies within the drama department. This year the department chose to undertake the huge production of Les Misérables, a musical just recently off Broadway after having immense success. This show is very trying and is taking hard work and dedication from its many talented cast members. In fact, there are only about three spoken lines in the entire production, meaning the show needs strong singers and actors to carry off the performance effortlessly. Luckily for us, the greyhounds can easily provide that talent. This, plus incredible performance of "Romeo & Juliet" put on in the fall is bringing huge success and is giving SJHS a great artistic reputation.

In December, the student body was treated to a performance by the SJHS full orchestra and the Folk Choir who performed Christmas tunes for our enjoyment. For many, this was the first time they had ever heard or seen a full orchestra perform live. SJHS is the only High School in the district who has its own orchestra, and this was the first time in at least four years that it performed for the whole school during an assembly. When you think about it, SJHS has some of the most talented students in the city under its roof. Whether you're into sports, academics, arts or all three you can be sure that you will enjoy a life worthwhile for the time you are here.