Issue 1.1 Monday, April 7, 2003

The Plight of the Cherry Brook Zoo
by Jennifer McDevitt
The animals at the Cherry Brook Zoo have been locked up for so long, that closing the Cherry Brook Zoo now and making them lose their home just seems really cruel because the animals are so used to the zoo where people come to visit them and feed them.

It is awful to know that without help, these poor helpless animals that have nowhere else to go will probably die, if no one takes part in the fundraising for the Zoo. Also some animals are ready for breeding. For example there is a lion that is ready to be bred; she is one of many endangered species, and if the lion is moved it could destroy its chances of breeding.

The total amount that the Zoo hopes to reach soon is $100,000, On Monday night of last week the zoo raised $47,537 in a Campaign that was started just before Christmas. This year the zoo has already received $5,000 more in donations than the $42,300 that they received last year through council's budget.

All sorts of people are stepping up to help out the zoo. People from Canadian Tire stores did a "Help us Save Our Zoo campaign in January. Customers brought their Canadian Tire money and gave it to the zoo.

Students at the Lakefield Elementary School as well as other schools are challenging a lot of others to help raise some money to keep the Cherry Brook Zoo from closing. The teachers and kids set aside the week of February the 10th for fundraising. They called it "put your heart in the zoo" and the week's festivities ended with Valentines Day. With all sorts of similar activities geared to support the zoo, we hope it can be saved from permanent closure.