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Dear Lady Grey
Steve Murphy

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The Winter Blues
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The Respect Program
Cherry Brook Zoo
Saint John Business
Fur Shame
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Kidney Month
Outrage on Ice
Street Racing
Is it Worth the Cost?
IB Worth the Trouble?
Being different?
Hell in the Sky
Art at SJHS
Artists Going Solo

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Letter from the E-mail Newsletter Editor
by Paul Saulnier
This is our premier issue of the Saint John High Newsletter. This new regular publication is your hookup to the inside information at SJHS. We'll get you info on the theme of our next dance, when it will be, our latest fundraising events, and everything else that's happening around the School. The Newsletter will have it all covered, and will be delivered straight to your E-mail Inbox.

In this issue, we have included all of the articles from the most recent issue of our school newspaper, the Vitalis, with a few added extras from SJHS Newsletter Team. In our next issue, we hope to have more articles written specifically for the newsletter. If you're interested in writing an article, or if you have some design and/or content suggestions, please send an email to We want to hear from you!

Dear Lady Grey
by Lady Grey
Our secret advice columnist answers the questions plaguing young teens at our school. Read on to learn how you can submit your own letters to Lady Grey anonymously.

Dear Lady Grey,

Could you please help me? This girl in my class has really been bothering my friends as well as myself. I always tell the teacher but he doesn't do anything about it. She always makes fun of people and she always kicks and hits us for no reason. I'm very concerned. Could you please help me and tell me what I can do to help make this stop?

Thank you,
A troubled class mate

Dear Troubled,

What this girl is doing is wrong and your teacher is wrong not to do something about it. If you are really concerned about the well being of you and others, tell someone else. Tell your principal. He or She should be able to take care of the problem. If she does not stop after the principal has told her to stop, she could be facing detention, suspension, expulsion, and possibly even criminal charges.

Lady Grey

Dear Lady Grey,

I have a problem. My friend and I like the same guy. We've liked the same guy before and it's never been a problem. Here is why it's a problem. He's a close friend of ours and he flirts with both me and my friend. I have found us suddenly competing for his attention. I want it to go back to being the way it was before we liked him. Please help me.


Dear Anonymous,

This is always a very tough problem. On one hand, you don't want to ruin your friendship. On the other hand, you really like the boy and want to get closer to him. What do you do? Well, you have a few options:

1. Forget the boy you like (easier said than done, I know) and focus more on a different boy.
2. Tell your friend you don't want to compete with her because you want to stay friends and you don't want your friendship to be ruined.
3. Let your guy friend (the one you both like) in on how you and her feel and tell him that he should not be flirting with you if he doesn't have an interest "that way" in either of you.

If these do not work, you might just have to let this crush blow over like all your other past crushes. Trust me, it WILL. As they say, "Time heals all."

Lady Grey

Got a tough situation on your hands? Not sure about proper etiquette? Ask Lady Grey! You can submit a letter to her anonymously online through this link. We hope to hear from you!

Dear Lady Grey is a regular feature of Saint John High E-mail Newsletter

An Interview with Steve Murphy, ATV Broadcaster
by Paul Saulnier

Steve Murphy/Official CTV Photo
Paul Saulnier recently had the opportunity to conduct an interview with Steve Murphy, broadcaster of the ATV Evening News, and former student of Saint John High School. He speaks about his previous careers, and how he became a broadcaster. He also offers words of encouragement for those planning to seek a path similar to that of a broadcaster.

"Most of the stories from the early days are about working ridiculously long hours for unbelievably little money. I loved it."
So Steve, who are you?
I'm a 42 year old married father of two, born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick, who is now Chief Anchor and Senior News Editor of the ATV Evening News based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I'm 5'8" and weigh just a little less now than when I graduated from Saint John High in June 1978!

Really. People say I look taller on TV; I ask if they have big screen TVs! I still look heavier than when I graduated but I'm really not. TV adds 10 pounds.

The Startling Facts
by Cory Kane
It seems that only memories ago we were little tots with our head in the clouds when BOOM!!! The weight of the world crashed down among a pile of hopeless teen angst. That is the view of most young students of high school, typically depressed by the recurring onslaught of work and worries which secondary education may bring. However, it is an often forgotten and discarded idea that, if you really think about it, High School is a pretty rocking deal. To take the argument away from FREE education, a point stressed by anybody looking at paying for university, and placing it simply on fun and games for a moment. Friends are the most important part of most students’ lives and high school is a celebrated meeting place of allies and comrades alike. Why you may ask is high school the best place to make friends? Well, simply put... everybody is forced to be there, so the subtle joys of a jovial friend are an excellent source of relief. The teachers of high school tend to care about students enough to not deliberately fail one or say let one fall off a very large cliff. In life, anytime a person stops you from falling off a cliff, especially of the large variety, one should appreciate. Besides, it is a well-known fact that university professors routinely run down students as a hobby. The next time that you give up on the world around you, remember, an individual should only feel truly completely depressed when they hopeless and alone. It is extremely important to realize that in high school, you are neither.

Winter Blues
by David Wishart
This has been one of the most frustrating and downright coldest winters Saint John has ever experienced. Personally, when I wake up in the morning and see another fresh 5 – 10 centimeters, the first thing that comes to mind is car accidents, yes, car accidents. So far this winter, my car has been subjected to three separate collisions; two of which were in a parking lot where large snow banks and reckless drivers equaled dented fenders and broken headlights. On one of these occasions, the driver did not fess up to his/her guilt and I was left empty handed. Thankfully the driver in my second incident, a student like myself, admitted her guilt and the proper measures were taken. The worst part was that these two incidents were only two weeks apart.

The Respect Program
by Sarah Craig

Starting a new school year can be overwhelming for both the students of the uptown schools and the merchants of the business that the students frequent. To help with the adjustment the Saint John Community Police force organized a group to speak to each grade nine-homeroom class. The groups consist of a member of the Saint John Police force, the head of security for Brunswick Square, an uptown merchant and a grade twelve student from Saint John High.

The Plight of the Cherry Brook Zoo
by Jennifer McDevitt
The animals at the Cherry Brook Zoo have been locked up for so long, that closing the Cherry Brook Zoo now and making them lose their home just seems really cruel because the animals are so used to the zoo where people come to visit them and feed them.

Overcoming the Saint John Business Breakdown
by David Wishart

Being part of the young generation leads many of us wanting more from the city of Saint John, and by more I mean more, not less, as some of the common council may believe. Saint John loves to live with old ideas that are supported by old people. What this means is that no new ideas are able to enter the city such as the waterfront project or a new skate park because seniors believe that it will disrupt the supposedly safe city environment. The number of young people in the city is steadily rising so its understandable that higher demands are going to be made for something innovative in our city.

Right Wing is Down Right Wrong
by Cory Kane
The days of carefree schoolyard discussions are gone. It seems that within a short period of time the world has been twisted into a shape that appears far different than that of its previous form. Recent events such as the war on Iraq or North Korea’s nuclear ability are just a couple examples of earth’s molding occurrences. Now, at the slight risk of editorializing, this reporter wishes to point his opposable digit at President George W. Bush. Let's start by pointing out the often forgotten idea that Bush may not have even won the election. Everybody in the world remembers the tiny political hiccup that occurred in Florida a couple of years ago. If Bush did win that election at all, it was certainly not the electoral decision of the entire voting majority, as a less than acceptable number of votes were discarded or lost. Since Mr. Bush believes he has dominance over the entire world, perhaps the entire world should vote on the American leadership position.

Fur Shame
by Jessica Vihvelin
I recently read an article on fur; it was intended to be a shocking expose on fur industry’s use of cats and dogs for their pelts. The article described how consumers may be unknowingly purchasing fur made from cats or dogs, instead of the usual minx, fox or chinchilla. It is appalling to think that someone would see the cruelty in murdering ‘cute’ animals for fashion yet fail to realize that wild animals used for fur suffer just the same.

Kidney Month
by Krystal Hawkins
You already know that March is the month of leprechauns, school breaks and warmer weather, but do you know that March is also kidney month? Kidney what? I find it is sad that most people are not aware of this since kidney disease ranks sixth among diseases causing death in Canada. There are more than two million Canadians who suffer from kidney failure and approximately 3,000 Canadians on the waiting list for a kidney transplant.

According to April 2002 statistics, there are 7 patients on home hemodialysis, 197 on hospital dialysis, and 27 on satellite dialysis in New Brunswick alone. Dialysis is a life-saving treatment for people who don’t have functioning kidneys. It may shock you to know that there are also 400 to 500 patients who will soon have to be on dialysis. We have 152 people who have recently had kidney transplants and 44 people on the waiting list. Since there are not enough organs being donated some patients may die waiting. Of course we can’t ask you to donate your kidneys right now but you can help by volunteering and supporting the kidney foundation. Although it is a sensitive issue you should make sure your wishes about organ donation are made clear to your family and loved ones. For more information you can go online to

Outrage on Ice
by Patrick Donovan
There are some hockey players that just won’t play for the hounds. This could be for a number of reasons, the biggest of which is that they feel that they are too talented to be on the team. The male greyhounds have a history of being one of the worst teams in the league. This may be because the guys who are “better players” see themselves to be too good for a team that never wins. If they would play for the team, they might win! Maybe our team can’t win because the good hockey players have no school spirit. The team will lose some of its older players, so to all those returning hockey hounds, join the team, or at least try out.

by Chris Johnson
The Boys & Girls Rugby teams are looking to do as well as they did last year. The boys look to repeat as champions and girl look for there first in title in 5 years after a upsetting loss last year they look to improve this year with hard work.

The girls are going to have to work hard and use lots of team work and they should do as well as last year, as they already have some good players on the team. (Joanna Moore, Krystal Phillips and Cheyanne Wrght)

Some of the returning guys think that there are a lot of guys that are trying out just to have a free trip to a title and they are afraid that they just may do more harm then good but on the good side they may join and be really good so there is a good side and a bad to everything. The boys have started up doing drills to get ready for the upcoming season like the girls are doing.

Street Racing on Today's Roads
by Philip Curtis

On today’s roads almost every night you can see many imported and domestic cars done up with Performance parts, stylish body kits and neon lights glowing from under the chassis. I personally have no problem with any of this, I actually hang out with these guys and the picture on the left is the same kind of car I drive.

If you’re out at night and driving around chances are you’re going to see a group of cars diving together, and you can’t say they’re all street racers, because they’re all not. Just because they have nice cars with aftermarket parts doesn’t mean they’re street racers, but there is always the odd group of guys who do street race. Most of the guys are smart enough not to race on the streets and will race on closed tracks, where it’s legal. One of the main reasons people put aftermarket parts on cars is simply for the love of working on cars. Also to bring today’s technology to today’s cars, and to make they’re cars look good for car shows and for they’re friends. The reason why many people race is mainly for the adrenalin rush, some people don’t understand the feeling one can get from going 200 to 260km/h.

SJHS Boys' Greyhound Hockey
by Adam Norwood
This year the boy's hockey team started the exhibition with a 1-1 tie over Rothesay. After that the team went down hill. They lost 10 straight. When the Greyhounds went to Nackawic, they did not look the same. For some reason the Greyhounds seem to play with more aggression than they ever had as they tied Nackawic 3-3, beat RCS 5-4, and tied Tobyville 5-5.

Everyone then thought this was the turning point for the hounds, but everyone was soon disappointed as the Greyhounds lost every game after that so far. But the good news this year for the team is that they make the playoffs, for the first time in awhile.

Is it Worth the Cost?
by Shane Salkey

Universities now are very expensive when it comes to books and tuition alone, but you also must pay for housing, food, and possibly parking fees. If you own a vehicle you must pay for the insurance. But we all know that most people don't have the money for all of that and will most likely have to apply for a student loan. On the other hand, the professors must be paid a decent wage; however they don't need excessive amounts of money just because the feel they deserve it.

Is the IB Program Worth the Trouble?
by Daniel PH Teed

That which is called the IB Program, the domain of the Greek-grade brains who slave away at essays and laboratory experimentation, is a monstrous thing which, though difficult, gives to those who tread the trail a diploma. This painfully obtained piece of paper is worth its weight in gold in the educational world. But what about those who subject themselves to the floggings of individual courses without promise of the Holy Diploma? Why do they do it? Mostly big brains without enough common sense to use them properly. I am enlisted in three IB courses, all higher level, all delightfully stressful, and the question I need to ask myself is: Why am I doing this to myself? What is in it for me? I decided to find and weigh the pros versus the cons of being in a partial IB program. Firstly, a little background on this elusive monstrosity.

What's wrong with being different?
by Shane Salkey
How do you feel when someone says they don’t like a person because of the way they look or because they don’t wear what you think is the trendiest clothing? You probably feel bad, and you probably feel like that person deserves to be hurt the same way you were; however the truth is that at one time or another you have probably done it to someone else yourself. I know this is because I myself am guilty of it. I wish I hadn’t but I can remember countless times that I’ve beat someone down with hurtful words and not even think how much it might have hurt that person. Why do we as human beings take pleasure at someone else’s expense? I think that every time you think to put someone down because of how they look, how they talk, or how they live, that you should stop and take time to ask yourself, “why should I say this? Would I want it said about me? How would I feel if it was said to me?” Maybe you will realize that putting someone down is really a stupid thing. It would be a waste of your time, and that there are better things to do.

Hell in the Sky
by Anthony Thompkins
History repeats itself. After the Challenger disaster in 1986, which took the lives of seven astronauts the Space Program came to an immediate stand still. It took investigators an extremely long time to determine the cause. A cracked rubber 'O' ring in one of the booster rockets. In the case of Columbia, one theory is that a chunk of insulation foam unwrapped from the external fuel tank during the launch, which damaged the left wing. If this is true, they were doomed from the start of the mission.

Art at SJHS
by Sarah Jane Eves

Sarah Black is distressed as a Juliet over her fallen Romeo, who was played by Chris Kierstead
Saint John High School is unique. One building holds hundreds of diverse students who all have many different talents and abilities. Luckily for us, we not only have great sports teams to represent us, but we also have a strong artistic community who is constantly pushing the limits and changing the ideals of High School art. Now when I use the term 'artist' I'm not just talking about visual artists, but rather I'm talking about the singers, instrumentalists, and actors.

Every year these artists come together and work long and hard for their school, and almost always go unappreciated, however, this year has changed things. When you think about it, the face of Saint John High is changing. I'm not saying that the artists are taking over like in some cheesy Godzilla movie, but I mean that the artists are finally getting the same recognition as our sports teams, which gives us a good balance and will inevitably bring in new greyhounds to keep the SJHS population thriving and secure our place as the best high school in the world. But I digress. When you think about, the artistic community is having a big say in the way the school is run this year. The SRC executives are all talented singers & musicians and are highly involved in the artistic activities within the school.

Artists Going Solo
by Andrew Doucette
Performers such as Justin Timberlake are taking their stardom a step further and going into uncharted territory when they decide to make albums without their groups behind them.

Some speculate that the reason why singers go off on their own is because they want the entire spotlight to be on them. With others, money may be the driving force for them to become solo performers. Without having to split their earnings within the group, solo artists can earn more money.

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