Issue 1.1 Monday, April 7, 2003

Street Racing on Today's Roads
by Philip Curtis

On today’s roads almost every night you can see many imported and domestic cars done up with Performance parts, stylish body kits and neon lights glowing from under the chassis. I personally have no problem with any of this, I actually hang out with these guys and the picture on the left is the same kind of car I drive.

If you’re out at night and driving around chances are you’re going to see a group of cars diving together, and you can’t say they’re all street racers, because they’re all not. Just because they have nice cars with aftermarket parts doesn’t mean they’re street racers, but there is always the odd group of guys who do street race. Most of the guys are smart enough not to race on the streets and will race on closed tracks, where it’s legal. One of the main reasons people put aftermarket parts on cars is simply for the love of working on cars. Also to bring today’s technology to today’s cars, and to make they’re cars look good for car shows and for they’re friends. The reason why many people race is mainly for the adrenalin rush, some people don’t understand the feeling one can get from going 200 to 260km/h.

I personally think that racing should be kept on the track or closed roads where it’s safe. As everyone knows it is possible to get hurt or even killed during a race, and most of the time its innocent people that accidents happens to, whether it’s a bystander or another driver on the road. Last year, for example by the airport, two guys were racing and one of them over took on a blind turn and hit head on with an oncoming car. That’s why I think it should be kept to the track and most of the guys in Saint John do so. Last fall a mile strip was laid outside of Fredericton in Gary and have let it cure over the winter, it will be open in the spring as soon as the snow is gone and the asphalt has thawed. The good part about this, besides being able to watch people race the quarter mile, is you can do it to. They will allow anyone with a license and a road worthy car, to go out and see what their car can do.

About a month ago I was watching the news and they had a report on street racing in Toronto about its popularity, and also how not everyone is racing, some just watch, and some do the same as we do here and just hang out at a local store or coffee shop parking lot that doesn’t mind and all they do is talk with their friends and show off the new mods they have done to there powerful machines. Also on the news report they talked about how the law enforcement is taking action in a civilized way, instead of just giving them a ticket when they are caught racing they give them a warning and more importantly they give them a invite to the track, and if they are caught racing on the roads again they are given a ticket and are banned from the track. To me that is more reasonable and the police have said that this system they are using is working better than they expected.

So the point that I’m trying to get across is that it’s o.k. to put performance parts on your car and make it look good, but for everyone else's sake and your own, keep it off the street and keep it on the track; and most importantly have fun.