Issue 1.1 Monday, April 7, 2003

Right Wing is Down Right Wrong
by Cory Kane
The days of carefree schoolyard discussions are gone. It seems that within a short period of time the world has been twisted into a shape that appears far different than that of its previous form. Recent events such as the war on Iraq or North Korea’s nuclear ability are just a couple examples of earth’s molding occurrences. Now, at the slight risk of editorializing, this reporter wishes to point his opposable digit at President George W. Bush. Let's start by pointing out the often forgotten idea that Bush may not have even won the election. Everybody in the world remembers the tiny political hiccup that occurred in Florida a couple of years ago. If Bush did win that election at all, it was certainly not the electoral decision of the entire voting majority, as a less than acceptable number of votes were discarded or lost. Since Mr. Bush believes he has dominance over the entire world, perhaps the entire world should vote on the American leadership position.

Now then, the present day world image and is being distorted because of two wars that have everything to do with each other and little to do with sensible human thought. Terrorism should be fought with as little blood as possible and waging war on Iraq should not be a matter of oil or family history. Remember for every Mr. Bush there is a Mr. Bush senior who was at war with Mr. Hussein .The fate of a nation should not be decided by the jaded history of the Bush family. Many pro Bush advocates would argue that he has the highest approval ratings in American presidential history, This reporter would like to combat that point by reminding the readers that if one vote can be tainted... well you know the rest.