Issue 1.1 Monday, April 7, 2003

Is it Worth the Cost?
by Shane Salkey

Universities now are very expensive when it comes to books and tuition alone, but you also must pay for housing, food, and possibly parking fees. If you own a vehicle you must pay for the insurance. But we all know that most people don't have the money for all of that and will most likely have to apply for a student loan. On the other hand, the professors must be paid a decent wage; however they don't need excessive amounts of money just because the feel they deserve it. It's not like we students can just say we want a longer holiday or we're going on strike, so why can universities raise the cost every year, and why do we have to pay to apply at a school? Tell me why we pay when we don't even know if we are accepted? I think that in order help students out the universities should have better payment plans for the students.

Some people think staying here would be a cheaper way of going through university but the problem with that is that the nearest university may not have the courses you require to achieve your specific goals. People also say that you can just change your career choice, but when someone feels so passionate about what they want to do, then who are we to stop them? To me it seems that universities are trying to milk us for all we have. I'm sure that that's not what they really are out to do but with tuitions of $ 4,265.00 full time at UNBSJ (plus residence and meal plan fees of $5,388 per year) it sometimes seems that way. So is it worth the cost? You decide.