Issue 1.2 May 2003

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This newsletter is a compilation of various news articles written by students of Saint John High School. Any student is free to submit an article for inclusion in the newsletter.

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When Should School Begin?
by Patrick Donovan
Should school start at 9:00 am, or should we be allowed to sleep in? Scientists say that teens should be allowed to stay out until 1:00 am as the gene that makes people tired, melatonin, works later in the day for teens. The gene that wakes us up is said to work later in teens as well. Although its not true for everybody, this makes our theoretical best working time the early afternoon, when we only have two classes, and our worst working time the morning, a point at which we at Saint John High have three classes. With today’s science and technology, we should be able to go to school in our prime time of the day, but we must suffer the trauma of working at our worst. And all we would need is for teachers and students around the city to agree on the time to begin and end. Remember teachers, it gives you a chance to sleep in as well.