Issue 1.2 May 2003

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This newsletter is a compilation of various news articles written by students of Saint John High School. Any student is free to submit an article for inclusion in the newsletter.

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The Coffee House
by Andrew Jackson
The night started with Marvin Rathburn, a constant crowd pleaser and regular coffee house player. He started with an original tune called “Song for Jane” which had all the girls going “awww.” Then he played another original tune called “Transition” which was very insightful and eye opening in certain aspects, commenting on the cruelties of the world. Then he played the classic Pink Floyd tune “Wish You Were Here,” which the crowd loved.

Adam Stewart joined Marvin, playing the first of the many Dave Matthews Band covers. Marvin left Adam to the spotlight where he played some instrumental flamenco styled tunes. Then Marvin came back to play another Dave Matthews Band song, which the crowd loved.

Next to take the stage was Professor Emperor, playing some crazy bass lines and working the crowd into a general frenzy. The first song “His Tears” was a dramatic clash of sounds building up to an explosive climax. The next song “In Red, In Green” was oddly pleasing, and “Fall of Rome” was wild.

Marvin and friends played a set of wild rock with gut-wrenching solos and lyrics that were made up on the spot. The crowd loved them.

The next set was an all percussionists act, which astonished the crowd. It was candy to my ears. The clash of bongos and the inspiring sound of chimes silenced the crowd for the first time in the night, so amazing that no one dared to speak, for fear of missing an important note in the onslaught of beats.

The host of the coffee house, Nick Lavigne with Phil Nelson and Andrew Ringeri played next. They started with a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover and continued with some originals of their own. Very nice.

Kevin Shea was next; starting with an excellent Beatles cover. He then played a wicked song by Jim Craysley, which the crowd clapped along to. Next he played an original tune called “Down the Road.”

Matt Higgins joined him to play a song called “Sweet Sunshine World.” It had excellent vocals, making the crowd go silent for the 2nd time in the night.

Nick and friends played some jazzy tunes next, bringing in a saxophone and violin. Killer bass lines and nice solos.

Next was Chris Durning, playing the Beatles “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”, which had Matt Higgins banging on a pot for the chorus. The crowd thought it was hilarious. He played a couple of original tunes next, which reminded me of the Bare Naked Ladies; very nice.

Closing was Nick and Matt playing a couple more Dave Matthews Band songs. I think this was nicely done, but I got a little tired of Dave Matthews. All in all it was an excellent coffee house and I was extremely entertained. I encourage others to go to the next coffee house.