Issue 1.2 May 2003

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Chris Durning Interview
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AHL vs. Junior Hockey
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Decriminalizing Weed
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Age Discrimination
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Mass Media Monster
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Nature vs. Nurture
I Never Believed in Miracles
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This newsletter is a compilation of various news articles written by students of Saint John High School. Any student is free to submit an article for inclusion in the newsletter.

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by Melissa Barrett and Tara Newman
This is a good time for you to learn from the past experiences of others. This month, learn to accept invitations that you normally would decline Days for romance: May 3rd, Lucky Numbers 14,3

You may be out of the loop today, but tomorrow could find you back in the center of things. Live in the moment while you have the chance. Days for romance: May 10th 23rd, Lucky Numbers 5,17,6

Meeting new people is a breeze, and fresh alliances grow from what were once casual friendships. A talk with someone from another part of the world opens your eyes just a little bit wider. This month, the possibilities are endless! Days for romance: May 11th, Lucky Numbers 12,23,4

You want to shout your newly discovered feelings from the rooftops this month, but it might be best to keep them to yourself for just a bit longer. There is no need to take everything quite so personally. Make sure you have all the facts before saying anything. Days for romance: May 1st, Lucky Numbers: 8,2

It's okay to hope for the best in every situation, but you should also prepare yourself for other alternatives. Yes, someone might actually turn you down, strange as that may seem. Try not to take it personally -- there may be elements of the situation that you don't fully understand. Days for romance: May 18th, Lucky Numbers: 8,21

Don't let emotions no matter how big control your actions. Act out of your own convictions, rather than reacting to someone's provocation. This month you are able to learn about others' characters by watching them do ordinary things. Observe very carefully. Days for romance: May 27th, Lucky Number 9

You can't expect to get to know new people if you aren't willing to at least lay some of your cards on the table. Be open about your emotions today, and everyone else will follow suit. Days for romance: May 23rd, Lucky Numbers: 5,30

You're wondering if the grass is really greener on the other side of the fence. Be prepared to deal with whatever it is that you find. Perhaps it's time to make those changes you've been putting off, but make sure you're not doing it to satisfy a one-time urge. Once you hop the fence, though, you must stay put. Days for romance: May4th, Lucky Numbers: 16,31,2

What fun is it to stand in the corner and watch everyone else have fun? It's time to stop leaning against the wall and join in the excitement! Your surroundings sparkle with an energy that only you can see. The trip is even more fun when you bring others along for the ride. The more, the merrier on this roller coaster! Days fro romance: May 12th, Lucky Numbers: 11,17

You've been thinking about the past for a long time, but today you'd do well to start thinking about your future. The comfort of your current routine could make you blind to the fact that it's taking you nowhere. A friend or relative might misunderstand your reasons for wanting to change. Days for romance: May 26th, Lucky Numbers: 1, 13

You welcome strangeness in your life, but try not to pique the neighbors' interests with it. Just because you delight in the unusual doesn't mean that everyone does. Live in the moment even as you appreciate the infinite. Days for romance: May 29th, Lucky Numbers: 3,9,22

You seek tranquility in a world that is anything but. Unplug yourself from the system and find a place to meditate. Don't feel obligated to do anything that you don't want to do. Everyone will get by without your help for one day. Doing nothing for a while is just what the doctor ordered. Days for romance: May 14th, 28th, Lucky Numbers: 8,4