Issue 1.2 May 2003

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Age Discrimination
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Canadian Idol vs. American Idol
by Robin S.
Canadian Idol: the new pop star show where thousands of young people from all over Canada, compete to be the best Canadian singer and get a major record deal. Sound familiar? Thatís because the show already exists, American Idol. You may remember last yearís winner Kelly Clarkson: she now has a record deal and her own debut album. Will Canadian Idol ever compare? In my opinion I donít believe it will. This is for many reasons: one American Idol has been the number one watched show for the last two years. Another would definitely have to be the judges. Who could watch the show without Simon; the show wonít have the same ratings. The reason for that would be that he tells it like it is; his harsh comments and opinions make the show interesting and give it an edgy feel. And my last reason would have to be that itís just a copy from the already wildly popular show American Idol. So if youíre an American Idol fan you may enjoy the new version Canadian Idol coming this summer, but as for me I really donít think I will be watching it.