Issue 1.2 May 2003

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Newsletter Articles:
Chris Durning Interview
Cyrano de Bergerac
Matrix Reloaded Review

Vitalis Newspaper
Issue 3:

AHL vs. Junior Hockey
Canadian Idol
Coffee House
Decriminalizing Weed
Dumb Warnings
Grad Advice
Hockey Fever
Sport of Juggling
Kiss and Tell
Music for the 21st Century
Pop Stars?
Save the World
Puppy Mills
Homer vs. Peter
When Should School Begin?
Ashamed of Colour?
Student Artwork

Vitalis Newspaper
Issue 2:

Age Discrimination
Bathroom Graffiti
Cell phones
Got Milk?
Internet Safety
The Mad Dash
Mass Media Monster
My World
Nature vs. Nurture
I Never Believed in Miracles
Proud to be a Hound
Public Transportation
Picking on Saint John
Roses, Rubbers & Rainbows
Secret, Underlying Concern
Summer Crossword
War in Iraq
Whose is it now?

E-mail Newsletter
Newsletter Editor:
Paul Saulnier

Vitalis Editors:
Julia Wright
Jessica Vihvelin


This newsletter is a compilation of various news articles written by students of Saint John High School. Any student is free to submit an article for inclusion in the newsletter.

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Letter from the Editor
by Paul Saulnier
This is our last issue of the year. I am aware that the year has already ended for both students and teachers, but many factors prevented this newsletter from going out at the intended time. I apoligize for the lateness.

At any rate, we have some special features in this issue. If you missed something in the recent issues of the Vitalis, we have them here. We also have a few other special features that you'll find only in the newsletter. You'll find these features below, followed by the Vitalis Newspaper articles.

This summer, we hope to establish some new services on our web site, including a moderated live chat service. Details will be released on the web site and/or this newsletter. Stay tuned!

Interview with Christopher Durning
by Chris Weaver
Hello to the readers of the Saint John High School E-Mail Newsletter. Chris Weaver here, giving you the latest in entertainment news. Didn’t that sound cheesy? Oh well, it’s the truth.

"... I write about love because it's what I feel and need..."
If you attend Saint John High (which I’m sure you do), you know who Christopher Durning is. And you probably know that he’s a singer/songwriter. And what you may not know is that on the weekend of June 21st & 22nd, Mr. Durning’s song was aired on the radio.

I conducted the proceeding interview originally to give my father (K100’s Bruce Weaver) information for his introduction of our pal Chris. Then I said to myself, ‘If I’m conducting an interview, why not show it to the school?’ So then the thought of the e-mail newsletter came up and I said what the heck, I’ll send this thing over to Paul. And here it is.

Chris Weaver: First of all, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Christopher Durning: I'm 18 years old, and a graduating student at Saint John High School. I've lived in Saint John since I was 6 years old. I love the city and the people. I write about love because it's what I feel and need, and let's face it, if I was thirsty I'd sing about water. I get a lot of support from my family and friends musically, and am very blessed to attend a school with so much musical talent to draw from. As I leave for Halifax next year, I leave behind family and friends and a wonderful city. Saint John has been kind to me, yet unfortunately not providing. No matter where I go in life my heart will always be here in Saint John. I am vice president of Saint John High School's SRC. I played the role of Javert in the recent musical presentation of Les Miserables. I have been actively involved in SJHS for years, I love being onstage and keeping busy. I have done Shakespeare in my grade nine year, and returned in my graduating year to enjoy it once again. I have held leading roles in all four musicals of my high school career. This summer you can find me working at SJHS as a counselor/enrichment teacher for the Theatre Enrichment Camp Directed by Michelle Hooton. It's open to children ages 7-16. So that's me in a nutshell.

Cyrano de Bergerac
by Cyrano himself, Michael Brewer
This short but humorous play about an ugly, large-nosed man in love with his own cousin (although this was
On the 28th of May, students of Saint John High School didn’t pick the ‘nose’.
accepted at the time the play takes place) caused many laughs among the morning show audiences and compliments to the actors afterwards. The play was completely performed in French, and because the actors are all only immersion students it took a lot of time and effort to get this play together. More than a few times, our play stood on the brink of cancellation, but due to the commitment of the lead cast (they came to many weekend practices and had only a few weeks to memorize their lines) this play was performed with skill by the talented acting cast. A small price was asked to be paid for those attending the performance, with all proceeds going to the Canadian Cancer Foundation.

An evening performance was held, but due to lack of publicity and advertisement and also a lack of interest on the part of the school the audience to this evening performance consisted almost solely of parents of the cast, with only one student in attendance. One student is three dozen students too few, especially when so many were promising they would be in attendance. Our school has a very well-developed immersion program, enough so to recruit a cast of 10 students for the play: why not come support the school and the charity and perhaps learn a bit about your second language in between laughs?

Myself, being a member of the cast, was very annoyed when friends who kept track of the play and how we were doing, asking weekly when it was being performed, suddenly “had to study” or “had to stare at the sky” instead of coming and enjoying this play, given 4 ½ out of 5 stars from our very own Tanya Trofimencoff. If someone with a neck halo could find time to come and laugh with us that fine evening, I’m sure many other students could have as well. And don’t try to tell me that you didn’t know about this play of ours, as it was announced the week of the play on the announcements before lunch. If you didn’t hear, maybe you should listen a bit better: gems like our play don’t come along every day. Next time, if ever, we have a similar production, don’t let the barrier of the French language stop you: follow the nose and be rewarded.

A Review of The Matrix Reloaded
by Neil Bonner
Please note: This may contain spoilers!

Four years ago, The Matrix came along and wowed moviegoers around the world with its stunning special effects, interesting ideas and an undeniable sense of style. Now, after a long wait, its sequel, The Matrix Reloaded has hit theaters. But is it worth the wait?

The story picks up where the original left off. Neo (Reeves) is the “One” who is believed to be able to liberate the human race from the confines of the Matrix, along with his lover Trinity (Moss) and his mentor Morpheus (Fishburne). Soon after an explosive start, the human race learns that an army of machines is digging towards Zion, their last stronghold. So it’s up to Neo and crew to save the day. If that’s not enough, he is having disturbing dreams about Trinity. On his quest, he meets outdated programs, a man who holds the key to victory, and a mysterious figure that is integral to the creation of the Matrix.

This film contains some of the most spectacular action sequences ever filmed. The highlights include a brawl between Neo and hundreds of Agent Smiths (he is a villain who is now able to clone himself after being “freed” by Neo) and a slick fight between Neo and henchman of a sinister Frenchman. But the towering achievement of Reloaded is an unbelievable, 15-minute car chase. You have to see it to believe it.

The acting is good, though not spectacular, and some of the talky, philosophical parts of the film can be confusing. But the biggest flaw with Reloaded is that it’s only half a movie. It ends in a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more. When The Matrix Revolutions comes out this November, this film will hopefully become a classic. For now, it is a great summer flick with its fair share of flaws.

The Vitalis Newspaper

Browse our selection below of all the articles which appeared in the two most recent issues of our school newspaper:

Vitalis Issue 3

AHL vs. Junior Hockey: What do fans enjoy more?
Areas all across Canada enjoy several different skill levels of Hockey, whether it’s the eight year old next door’s Saturday morning game or Mario Lemieux scoring another goal.

Canadian Idol vs. American Idol
Canadian Idol: the new pop star show where thousands of young people from all over Canada, compete to be the best Canadian singer and get a major record deal.

Coffee House
The night started with Marvin Rathburn, a constant crowd pleaser and regular coffee house player.

Decriminalizing Weed
The officials in the United States argue that weed is going to cause Canada’s crime-rate to go up.

Dumb Warnings: The Result of Many Pointless Lawsuits
Sobeys Pizza: (Printed on bottom of box) do not turn upside down.

Grad Advice to the Remaining Hounds
Danna Storey: “Get Involved, It’s the best way to meet new people and have fun.”

Hockey Fever Stretching Worldwide
The National Hockey League stretches worldwide as the Quarter Finals were shown in Germany and Finland.

The Sport of Juggling
The sport of juggling requires an enormous amount of concentration and discipline.

Kiss and Tell
Girls: do you ever wonder why guys kiss and tell?

Teachers’ explanations of the elevated pass mark of sixty percent simply do not add up.

Music for the 21st Century
Music is, without a doubt, the most widely accepted cultural medium in our society.

I’ve been in four musicals at SJHS, and have been going to SJHS productions for several more.

Pop Stars or One Night Stand
We’ve all seen it, chaps , red knickers and girls in the shower.

Save the World With Just One Click
Are you aware that every second, an acre of rainforest disappears?

Puppy Mills
Most of you have probably not heard about the disgusting sale of puppies from mass breeders or “puppy mills.”

Homer vs. Peter
Everyone knows that Homer J Simpson is the fat, oaf main character in the long running cartoon television series, The Simpsons.

When Should School Begin?
Should school start at 9:00 am, or should we be allowed to sleep in?

Why Are People Ashamed of Their Colour?
When I was a child, I was ashamed of my colour because I thought I was different from the other kids because I looked different.

Four piece Halifax band Wintersleep recently played at an all-ages show held at UNBSJ’s Whitebone Lounge.

Student Artwork
Three pieces of artwork by our students.

Vitalis Issue 2

Age Discrimination
Have you ever been in a store and you feel like the manager is eyeing you more closely than the customer yesterday?

Bathroom Graffiti
Bathroom graffiti: whether you’re a guy or girl you see it everywhere.

Idiocies of the Cell Phone
I often wonder where technology will take us next, but lately its lead us into a realm where we have far too many ways to, well… waste our time.

Until last weekend, the cheerleading season had been a disappointing one for SJHS, not due to the lack of talent, but because of technicalities.

Got Milk?
Open a magazine. Take a walk. Ride the bus. Go to school. During the course of any of the previous activities a person is sure to be exposed to at least one of the National Dairy Council’s “Got Milk” ads.

What can I say? Horoscopes from your Vitalis staff!

Internet Safety
Just about everyone has a computer these days and almost everyone who has a computer has the Internet. But do people really think about their safety while surfing the net?

The Mad Dash
The Mad Dash? Or is it The Glorious Shiny A and Bits of H Awarded on Basis of a Point Reward System for Those Who Volunteered a Lot

The Mass Media Monster
The people of the world, as much as they wish they could, cannot be present for every calamity that occurs. However, there is one source of information, a Herculean like group, known as the mighty News Media.

My World: The way it really is
All right so I’m not perfect, but hey who is, right? I have had to over come quite a few obstacles just like everyone else. I am sure that I’m not the only one that has had to make changes in my life.

Nature vs. Nurture: Do We Choose Sexual Preference?
Many people do not understand what it means to be homosexual. When someone begins telling loved ones and friends that they are homosexual the first reaction they usually get is “So decide not to be.” Unfortunately, for most people, it is not that easy.

I Never Believed in Miracles
A poetic piece by Alesha Straight.

Proud to be a Hound
How many students can really say that they are proud to be a greyhound? From what I have seen this year, not very many.

Public Transportation
Beware! Don’t ride the city transit between the hours of eight and nine a.m., and three and four p.m. if you don’t like to stand in the aisles or be squashed in a seat.

Roses, Rubbers and Rainbows
Do you remember those middle school day’s when the topic of sexual education brought on giggles from some and eye rolls from others?

Should Students Stop Picking on Saint John?
In a recent visit to the Saint John High School forums, I noticed a lot of talk about whether or not Saint John is a good city to live in for creative youth.

Everyone who enjoys high school sports should all go out and see the boys and girls rugby teams .

Iraq: A Secret, Underlying Concern
It lasted longer than any on the coalition parties involved could have expected.

Summer Crossword
A crossword! For summer!

Vegetarians are NOT Aliens!!
I am so sick of people’s reactions towards my personal choice to be a vegetarian.

War in Iraq
Over the past few weeks, the prospect of a full-fledged war on Iraq has become increasingly real to both Canada and the United States.

Whose is it now?
Hypothetical situation, your friend is staying at your house for the night. Everything is great you stay up late, talk about boys, watch movies and eat junk food until you’re so full you can’t move.

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