Issue 1.2 May 2003

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Iraq: A Secret, Underlying Concern
by Kevin Shea
It lasted longer than any on the coalition parties involved could have expected. It is likely that more people were killed in friendly fire accidents than in any other modern conflict. And, worst of all, the Americans got what they wanted in the end. People’s thoughts are too tied up in the glory of winning this illegal war that they are blinded to the fact that maybe the Americans shouldn’t always get what they go after.

This whole thing, the casualties and the absolutely sickening waste of money, could have been completely avoided if America had realized just how bad of a guy Saddam Hussein was twelve years ago. But lo and behold, it turns out that Hussein was still a ruthless tyrannical dictator in the early 90’s. So why didn’t the Americans get rid of him when they had the chance?

There is no one answer to this, but I have a strange feeling that perhaps Iraq will not be the first country George W. Bush attempts to “liberate”. I personally believe that Bush thinks he was sent by God to democratize every impoverished country on the planet. I mean, if George Bush didn’t think he was more powerful than the United Nations and his own divided interests and opinions towards his foolish actions, he probably wouldn’t have went ahead with this war anyway.

Take Afghanistan, for example. It wasn’t exactly war, but the Americans still decided to go into a country (for no better reason than to look for a terrorist organization that had probably already left the area), and kill innocent civilians “accidentally, in the name of the war on terrorism.” America didn’t get their man, but they made a point of making everyone realize that they liberated Afghanistan, even if the amount of relief was minimal and the quality of life there has barely improved since.

In the end, unless one of these countries that the U.S. are pushing around fight back and stand up against American oppression, America will always get it’s way.