Issue 1.2 May 2003

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The Mass Media Monster
by Cory Kane
The people of the world, as much as they wish they could, cannot be present for every calamity that occurs. However, there is one source of information, a Herculean like group, known as the mighty News Media.

Today, at anytime or for any reason, News groups such as CNN or the CBC can be accessed for a mundane dosage of illegitimate facts. Now Iíve conjured up some incredibly cynical ideas in my time, but the recent abuse of freewill at the hands of the media is just intolerable. A reporter was recently branded as a traitor after subtly ridiculing the U.S and itís recent diplomatic follies. In all actuality, he was simply playing his role of the non-biased reporter. I wonder why a reporter would fell the need to report? The media has become a pacifist with a gun in the modern world, choosing to remain biased and neutral in a veritable flurry of contradiction and injustice.

The war in Iraq is a premiere example of the media spin-doctor tactics that human civilization has become all to routinely aware of. The United States feels it is necessary for all wartime reporting to be censored before it airs on international television. This approach is both appalling and just short of fascism, as only news that hurts the U.S is deducted. The argument may be raised that this type of censoring goes on around the world. However, this only furthers the depression that the freedom the earth has descended into.

The world can no longer remain a non-biased observer of this media blacklisting of right and wrong, as it is an insult to the intelligence all human kind.