Issue 1.2 May 2003

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Chris Durning Interview
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AHL vs. Junior Hockey
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Decriminalizing Weed
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Music for the 21st Century
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Ashamed of Colour?
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Age Discrimination
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Mass Media Monster
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Nature vs. Nurture
I Never Believed in Miracles
Proud to be a Hound
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Roses, Rubbers & Rainbows
Secret, Underlying Concern
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War in Iraq
Whose is it now?

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Music for the 21st Century
by Kevin Shea
Music is, without a doubt, the most widely accepted cultural medium in our society. But where did it come from? How has it evolved into what it has become today? Basically, music evolves by generations; every decade has a dominant musical genre, which is often what we remember about that time period. For example, there’s Elvis and the unparalleled inspiration of the rock n’ roll movement in the 50’s, the British invasion (started by the Beatles) in the 60’s, The Bee Gees, Saturday Night Fever and the dreaded “disco fever” of the 70’s, cheesy synth-rock in the eighties (anyone remember Devo? Bryan Adams perhaps?) and the grunge/alternative craze, started by the innovative sound of Nirvana in the early-to-mid 1990’s. Then came the new millennium. It’s been three full years, and still there hasn’t been a unique and original style (or fusion of styles) to come out of this decade. All we have now are the same cheesy pop bands of the late 90’s, pumping out their own brand of artificial trash, and these “new rock” groups (think “Theory of a Deadman” or “Nickelback”) whose songwriting is so horrid that John Lennon is probably spinning in his grave. Will there be an artist or group that comes along and makes fresh, exciting music that touches people enough to make it a fashionable new trend? Or will we end up banging our heads off the wall for the rest of our lives, listening to the same mindless drivel we’ve been subjected to for the last few years?