Issue 1.2 May 2003

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This newsletter is a compilation of various news articles written by students of Saint John High School. Any student is free to submit an article for inclusion in the newsletter.

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My World: The way it really is
by Jennifer McDevitt
All right so Iím not perfect, but hey who is, right? I have had to over come quite a few obstacles just like everyone else. I am sure that Iím not the only one that has had to make changes in my life.

We all have to find a way to work around our obstacles so that we will be able to achieve our goals. For example there are things that I had to go to a rehab to learn how to do like certain tasks or activities in a different way from someone without a disability, like when I wanted to learn how to go up the stairs by myself from the floor. There were times when certain things I wanted to learn didnít come easily but for some reason I could not accomplish those particular goals when somebody tried to show me how; I had to teach myself.

One example of this would be transferring from my bed to my chair and the way I taught myself to do it is much different from the way people were trying to teach me. The reason for that is sometimes even someone who works at helping people to achieve their goals may not be of great assistance because of the fact that they donít understand what your limitations are because theyíre not in the same position, no matter how good they may be at their job. People can really only judge what their own limitations are and what they feel comfortable doing.

I can do anything that I put my mind to because the way I see it is, it doesnít matter if someone has a disability or not because as long you have a lot of determination and you believe in yourself then you should be able to accomplish anything because nothing or nobody can stop you from learning new ways to do things if you just believe in yourself then there will always be a way.

My plans for the future are to work with children in a Day care or a Hospital to do activities with them and just keep them happy. With children that are really young you donít have to adapt too much because small children donít seem to notice the differences between them or someone else that may have some limitations because they themselves as young children already have limitations that they are also working hard to wok around.