Issue 1.2 May 2003

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This newsletter is a compilation of various news articles written by students of Saint John High School. Any student is free to submit an article for inclusion in the newsletter.

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Pop Stars or One Night Stand
by Tori Marr
Weíve all seen it, chaps , red knickers and girls in the shower. Thatís right ladies and gentleman; Iím talking about Christinaís video, Dirrty. (Thatís right, two rís.. think Nellyís ďHot In HerreĒ). Now, donít get me wrong, Christina Aguilera does have amazing talent, but I personally think she went way too far with this video. And sheís not the only one. Most artists today are using sex to sell their music, and itís working. The downfall: your little sister thinks she has to wear halter-tops and booty shorts to attract the attention of that cute guy in her kindergarten class. Now donít get me wrong, Iím not saying you should blame all the worldís problems on Christina. But when so many people look up to you, it doesnít hurt to wear a skirt that actually covers your bum. Extra, can be sexy without being trashy! Maybe they think that the more controversy that explodes over their video, the more bling bling that rolls in to the bank. And maybe theyíre right. But donít they care about the 10 year old pop tarts who try to be just like them? Personally, I have a lot more respect for Janet Jackson and Kelly Clarkson than I do for Britney and Christina. The sad thing is they do have a lot of talent, but itís a huge turn off when I see them romping around with more than their talent hanging out for the world to see.