Issue 1.2 May 2003

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This newsletter is a compilation of various news articles written by students of Saint John High School. Any student is free to submit an article for inclusion in the newsletter.

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Roses, Rubbers and Rainbows
by Amanda Martin
Do you remember those middle school day’s when the topic of sexual education brought on giggles from some and eye rolls from others? Middle school always briefly covered the topic of sex ed but they never really explained the consequences of sex and they felt they didn’t have to since they stressed abstinence so much using scare tactics and only giving information about contraception failure rates. I think we all know that this way is not working with the rise of sexually transmitted diseases. Educators are now bringing in a new way of teaching this important topic through comprehensive sex ed which teaches students the advantages of abstinence as well as the benefits of using contraception if or when the students have sex.

The program offered to us in Saint John is called Roses, Rubbers and Rainbows. I have had the opportunity to take part in this learning experience through my sociology class. Our class presenters name was Janet Dingwell and I found she did an excellent job in getting our class involved and getting the presentation across to us. She also told us of her own first hand experiences with sex and homosexuality she also offered up many different alternatives to abstinence always telling us that “safe sex is sexy” and it’s alright lady’s to discover your “down there parts”.

Roses, Rubbers and Rainbows takes away all the myths about sex and tells you exactly what it is so that when and if we choose to have sex we are well informed and well protected. This program also offers a unique look at homosexuality. For anyone interested in this course it is offered free through the sexual health center but book soon because it is in high demand!