Issue 1.2 May 2003

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Whose Is It Now?
by Melissa Barrett
Hypothetical situation, your friend is staying at your house for the night. Everything is great you stay up late, talk about boys, watch movies and eat junk food until youíre so full you canít move. The next day, she leaves a sweater at your house and totally forgets about it, in the mean time you realize you have it and wear it a few times around the house.

Finally you wonder if your friend is ever going to ask for this sweater back because you have become very fond of it. So you try and convince yourself that since itís been at your house for so long and you wear it so much, is it now technically yours? I mean of course if she ever asks for it back, you will gladly give it to you her, right?

I mean what if you had it for like 2 years and she had totally forgotten about it. Maybe you had it on the day you got your drivers license or when you got your acceptance letter to university so itís kind of become your lucky sweater. And now out of the blue she is over one day and she wants it back, does she not know what you have been through together?

I asked 10 girls in my journalism class what they thought of this situation and all of them said, ď No, itís obviously not yours not matter how long itís been there.Ē On the other hand we have all been in this situation at one time or another, or at least one like it.

So after all is said and done and the sweater is now back with its original owner (even though you took much better care of it and had a special bond with it) you realize itís only a sweater and there will be lots of other things you can ďborrowĒ long term.