Bibliography Style Guide

It's important to include a bibliography with all assignments that require research, clearly indicating your sources. Be sure to follow a few simple guidelines while making yours:

  1. The title of your bibliography should be centered at the top of the page. The title may be Bibliography, References, or Works Cited.
  2. All entries should be arranged alphabetically, beginning with A , or the closest letter to it.
  3. The format of each reference depends on what it is referencing:

    • References to books written by a single authour should look as follows:

      Bloom, Allen. The Closing of the American Mind. New York: Simon, 1987.

    • If the same book was written by more than one author, it would look like this:

      Bloom, Allen, and Suzanne Grossett. The Closing of the American Mind . New York: Simon, 1987.

    • Books by corporate authors simply subsititute the name of the corporation for the name of the author:

      Commission on Higher Education. The Academic System in American Society. New York: McGraw, 1974.

    You can notice a pattern in each of these:

               Author. Title of Book. City of publishing: Publishing company, Year of publishing.

    Reference Works:
    • Making a reference to a reference work is different than a book. You must not only include the book, but also what the book is referencing.

      "Mandarin". Encyclopedia Americana. 1980 ed.

    • References to magazine articles should include the author, article, magazine, date of publishing, and page it is found on:

      Trudeau, Alexandre. "We Are Suffering". Maclean's, 15 Sept. 2003: 28.

    • References to newspaper articles are similar:

      Trueman, Mac. "Firm to map future design of UNBSJ." Saint John Telegraph Journal, 22 Sept. 2003: A3.

    Electronic Sources:
    • When using a reference to a webpage, the style changes:

      Smith, Mary. NBGS Homepage. 19 June 2002. 30 Sept. 2003 (http://www.bitheads.com/nbgs/)

  4. If a reference takes more than one line, then the second should be indented:

    McKim, Elizabeth. "An Epicure of Sound: Coleridge on the Scansion of Verse". English Studies in Canada, 18
              June 1992: 301-316.

  5. Remember to keep a 1" margin around your pages, and that bibliographies should not have page numbers.

  6. This is a BASIC Bibliography guide. Individual teachers may require a more detailed Bibliography. Always ask how the teacher wants it done.