A & H Letter

It has been a long standing tradition of Saint John High School that every year we celebrate students' achievement with an Awards Ceremony. Students who have participated in athletics, the arts, clubs, student government or any other extracurricular activity are awarded points based on their involvement. Points are also awarded for high academic performance.

There are three different levels to the points system and each is hard to achieve. Girls are awarded a Silver A and the boys an H Letter when they reach the 1500 mark. This is usually achieved in Grade 12 but some students have earned this level in Grade 11. The second level is worth 2500 points; the girls receive a Gold A while the boys are allotted a Plaque of Distinction. The top level is 3500 points and is extremely difficult to accomplish. At this level, girls are awarded a pearl and the boys receive a clock.

The process for earning points is that every extra-curricular activity is assigned a certain number of points based on the hours of commitment required. Coaches and/or advisors then assign a certain percentage to the student that reflects their commitment to the activity. For example, a student that plays soccer missed 6 practices and 2 games may only receive 65-75% of their allotted points for that activity. The information is added to a data system and every year students are asked to apply. Points are accumulated and do not reset from year to year.

Students are encouraged to start applying in Grade 9 and every year after to verify that all points are recorded throughout their high school career. There will be plenty of announcements regarding the due date for applications. The deadline is firm. This usually occurs in the last week of March or first week of April.

Point Values of Activities

Application Form