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Situated in the uptown centre of the city, Saint John High School overlooks the Saint John Harbour in close proximity to the uptown malls. During the spring and fall, cruise ships can easily be seen while looking out the windows of the school during the generous 10 minute break between classes.

SJHS is home to its very own swimming pool, and a swim team which has won many provincial awards. Students attending SJHS will have access to the pool through their health & physical education course.

With two large physics labs, students learn about space, electricity, motion, and everything else related to Physics. By participating in hands-on classroom lab exercises, the fundamentals are obtained whether it be in wiring an electrical circuit correctly or observing the uniform motion of a car.

Chemistry offers explanations for just about anything. It's not easy to find something in this world unrelated to chemistry in some way. A wide array of demonstrations, such as the one shown here, aid students in understanding complicated concepts relating to this science. An especially interesting demonstration is when the teacher fills a glass up with juice, then changes it "magically" to milk, then to water. How is this done? Only students of SJHS are allowed to find out.

In Biology, students have a chance to dissect things. Biology teaches us about living cells and all of their parts. One of the main highlights of am open house oneyear was being able to touch the brain of a sheep.

All of the science departments could not operate without the generous yearly support of the Saint John High School Alumni Association. Special thanks to our former students!

SJHS is the only English International Baccalaureate (IB) school in the province. This is an international university entrance program which runs from grade 10 through to grade 12. Since 1987, graduates of the IB program have gone on to university with exceptional results. For any student with exceptional marks entering high school, the IB program should definitely be a consideration.

The school's own forum services were introduced in the October of 2002. SJHS is one of the few privileged schools in North America to have forum services. Forums are basically internet message boards where students are able to post their opinions and communicate with other students online. Hundreds of students are now enjoying this service. Forum users discuss everything from video games to music to debates on music piracy and youth obesity. The forums were also used by the IB Cultural Foundations class as a primary means of communication an IB class in the Netherlands for a special school project.

SJHS also has state-of-the-art electronics equipment in its Media Centre. It combines a video and sound editing room, with a dark room, computer lab for journalism and is home of the award winning SJHS yearbook, Red And Grey, and school newspaper. The dark room was another highlight of the open house last year. Visitors especially liked the "secret revolving entrance" that you must pass through in order to gain access to the dark room.

For many common interests, there's a club for your at Saint John High. We even have teams participating in Reach for the Top, and CBC's SmartAsk as well as countless other events and activities. With yearly theatrical performances, and a high level of community involvement, SJHS charts the journey from point A to point B, and everything in between.

Saint John High School - A Mosaic of Achievement!