Each year, your Saint John High School Alumni Association contributes tens of thousands of dollars to the school for purchases of items that otherwise would not be available for the students.

Mail a Donation

Cheques and money orders can be made out to Saint John High School Alumni Fund Inc. and mailed to the school at the address below:

Saint John High School Alumni Association
170-200 Prince William Street
Saint John, New Brunswick
E2L 2B7

An official Income Tax receipt will be mailed to your return address.

Donate using Interac e-Transfer

You can donate by sending an Interac e-Transfer to [email protected] using online banking (within Canada).

In a separate e-mail, please send us your mailing address (if you wish to receive an official Income Tax receipt), and the answers that we will need for your chosen e-Transfer security questions.

Donate using PayPal

An official Income Tax receipt will be mailed to you. Please specify this as your shipping address in PayPal.

Thank You

Since the Alumni Association began in 1982, we have received donations in excess of $725,000. Besides funding the creation and distribution of our annual Alumni News to over 8000 readers, these contributions have been used to support school requests and the following purchases:

  • Smart Boards
  • Computers
  • Amplifier
  • Microscopes
  • Digital Cameras
  • Audio Generator / Sound Meter
  • Math Calculator Based Rangers
  • I.B. Materials
  • Teacher PD
  • Co-curricular items for the Phys Ed. Department