A message from the Athetics Director, Mr. David Grandy

I would like to welcome all of our students and staff back to SJHS! We are looking forward to having a great year with our P.E. classes, Athletics, and Intramural programs. 

We are currently planning for a more normal year with our classes and sports teams regarding Covid protocols. We can reassure our students and parents that the PE Dept will continue to show leadership by keeping everyone as safe as possible during this challenging time.  Noon hour free gym time will continue to see students and staff wearing masks if they cannot guarantee physical distancing and or if they are required by the staff. At the current time of this writing classes can experience mask free activities if the student feels confident in removing the mask, however we will be encouraging our students to still wear masks if someone in their circle is immuno-compromised.

We are so grateful of Bruce Grant and the Alumni, working with the Honorable Trevor Holder, our PE Dept has received a large sum of money to allow us to expand our Fitness equipment. We have purchased items such as dumbbells, squat racks, and aerodyne bikes to just name a few. The benefits of this grant will allow our students to develop great habits and learn skills that will be highly beneficial as lifelong learners.

This year courses offered by the department will include; HPE 9 and 10, Wellness 110, Outdoor Pursuits 120, Leadership 120, Yoga 110 and Advanced Training Principles 120.

The staff will include Andrew Benjamin, Amber Young, Autumn Lynch, Chris Graham and myself Dave Grandy.

Please pay attention to our new website to stay on top of schedules, sports team tryouts, course announcements, etc.  

On a final note, I would like to remind all students that a change of clothes with non-marking indoor sneakers are required. We are committed to helping all of our students have a positive experience and if someone has specific concerns we welcome that student to approach their subject teacher for any accommodations.

I would like to encourage our students to get involved in: their classes, intramurals and organized sports teams as much as possible. I hope everyone has a great year.

Mr Graham and Mr Grandy's PE classes enjoying a fitness session:


Pictures of the new PE Department:


Sports teams currently starting up or soon to be

Football, Baseball, softball, field hockey, Cross Country Running, Soccer, Cheer Leading, Swimming, Golf (TBD). Tryouts are taking place now. Some will to be announced.

Course Cescriptions and Requirements

Health and Physical Education 9 and 10:

The HPE courses for 9 and 10 are our introductory classes to our dept. Both courses have one day a week with a classroom session and four days of the week experiencing physical activity in either the gymnasium, weight room or pool. HPE 10 is a pre-requisite for our higher level PE courses with exceptions.

Wellness 110:

This is an inclusive course that works on lifestyle choices, fitness training and games. It has HPE 10 as a pre-requisite course. The students are in the classroom two days a week with 3 days of the week being physical in the gym, weight room and the pool. SMART goals are crucial to each student in regard to their success.

Outdoors Pursuits 110:

The course explores games, sports, and activities within the school environment and in the outdoors. It has classroom sessions and is also activity based on the season, such as winter activities. The student that chooses this course needs to prepare to be in the outdoors participating in activities such as fishing, making quinze's, skiing, etc. 

Leadership 120:

This course is a skills-based program with a focus on games, volunteerism, and personal growth. It is stresses personal development, civic and community based development.

Advanced Training Principles 120:

This course is designed for the keen athlete to further their athletic development. It is an intense program with an opportunity to learn various workout methods through theory and practice. Nutritional facts and SMART goals are stressed and each student needs to have a personal drive to better their current conditioning. This course is ideal for all top level athletes.


Coaches and Staff Liaisons

Activity Who When
Archery Mahaffy Wednesday
Badminton Higgins  
Baseball Ellis/Evans  

Sr.Girls Wilton, Cunningham, Wood

SrBoys. Jeff White/ Lambert/ Milosevic

Jr.Girls Wall/ Mayberry

Jr. Boys Thibodeau 

Cheerleading Charlton/Brown  
Cross Country Hachey  
Field Hockey Wilton/Leslie  
Football Grandy  
Hockey Boyle/Martin - Girls / Evans- Boys  
Rugby Sr.Boys  Crawford/Jr Warr /Sr. Girls Morrell/Boyle  
Ski Club White Tues - Jan and Feb

Sr. Girls  Nordstrom

Sr. Boys   Benjamin

Jr. Girls Peterson/Graham

Jr. Boys O'Brien/ Benjamin

Swimming Sullivan  
Track and Field EllisLoparco/MacMackin  

Sr. Boys Ellis-Loparco

Sr. Girls  Vair

Jr. Girls Hooley-Evans

Jr. Boys  Vair