International Baccalaureate Program

The International Baccalaureate Program available at Saint John High School is recognized throughout the world as a comprehensive and challenging high school curriculum. It is designed for the student who values excellence and is willing to persevere in meeting the challenges it demands.

The IB program is an international university entrance program which is typically completed in the final two years of high school. Prospective students of the IB program are enrolled in preparatory courses during their grade 10 year to prepare for the actual IB program.

Since 1987, Saint John High School graduates of the IB program have gone to university where they have performed exceptionally well. We know from their experience that IB is responsible in large measure for their success. These students have, in the words of IB, "learned how to learn."


Here's what some former students have said about the IB program:

"In taking part in the IB programme, I have gained lifelong friends that most people in high school are not fortunate enough to meet. Going through struggles, stress and also triumphs together can bring people together like nothing else, and the support system present within IB truly allows you to get through anything. Although challenging, the IB programme provides you with stimulating thoughts, lifelong friends and a sense of fulfillment that cannot be matched. IB prepared me for university more than I ever believed it could, and because of taking part in this programme, I felt better equipped and more confident in post-secondary school."
- Becky McBriarty, full I.B. Diploma Student; 2008 Grad

"If you don't like friends, hate free money, and want to avoid doing well in life... then IB is the last place you want to be. By graduating as a full diploma student I was given the opportunity to study at Memorial University of Newfoundland... for free. Where I, using my IB enhanced time management skills, proceeded to whoop everyone. (Note: the word "Whoop" is not officially recognised by the IB.)I am currently in my first year of studies, with equivalent credit-hours to someone in their third."
- Sam Edwards, full I.B. Diploma Student; 2008 Grad

"The IB courses I took gave me credit for courses at my university. This is a great advantage to have since it will save me money and time and it will also provide me with a lighter course load."
- Nikola Stears, full I.B. Diploma Student; 2008 Grad

"I am so grateful that I decided to complete the IB programme, as it provided me a strong academic foundation in my university studies. A large portion of material covered in my second year university courses still continues to be nearly identical to the material covered in the IB programme. In addition, the credits I earned from the programme allowed me to accelerate my university degree, inherently saving me time and money. Without hesitation, I can testify that the IB programme offered at Saint John High School is extremely advantageous for students wishing to further enhance their preparation for post-secondary education."
- Anthony Nolletti, full I.B. Diploma Student; 2007 Grad

"Taking the IB Programme taught me that it is not about being the smartest person in the room, but cultivating my own strengths and developing the skills to overcome my weaknesses. Being in a learning environment where the teacher and students have a passion for knowledge gave an accurate impression of the independent learning style of post secondary education. It aided me in developing the skills needed to succeed in university."
- Kate Day, I.B. Certificate Student; 2008 Grad

"Being enrolled in partial IB gave me an edge heading into university. A lot of people find the transition to university an academic shock, but IB gave me the work ethic necessary to make a smooth transition. Taking partial IB enabled me to pick and choose so I was able to challenge myself at the courses I excelled in and it showed me where my strengths and weaknesses lie. The program gave me a balance of IB courses and non-IB courses that was necessary for me to succeed in high school."
- Karissa Donkin, I.B. Certificate Student; 2008 Grad

"Taking higher level IB classes allowed me to skip several classes in university, which saved me time and money. I find that the courses I'm taking now are much easier, as a result of taking IB."
- David Cameron, full I.B. Diploma Student; 2003 Grad

"Getting almost a year's worth of university credits allowed me to do two degrees in four years, which would never have been possible without IB. Even in many of the courses for which I didn't get an IB credit - in some cases, second-year courses - a lot of the material was still a review for me, because it was covered in I.B."
- Imran Zaidi, full I.B. Diploma Student; 2003 Grad

In short, the IB program offers numerous benefits to high school students, not only for university but for life in general. The IB program gave me flexibility with my university schedule, developed my scientific laboratory writing skills, and improved my time management skills. Saint John High School is the only IB public school in Saint John, and I wanted to thank all the teachers, staff and the IB program coordinator for all the work they do to run this tremendous program.                              - Ryan Maxwell, IB Certificate Student, 2013 Grad