Once upon a time there was a very special grad class at Saint John High. We were an interesting bunch, involved in all kinds of activities. The year was 1958 and at the end of June we all went our separate ways.

However, in July 2018 - 60 years later, if you can imagine - 47 of us gathered again, some along with their partners or spouses, some with family members, others by themselves. We discovered that we were not a quiet shy bunch! And YOU were there! We have the proof!

We had a great "Meet and Greet" at the beautiful Mahogany Manor. There were exclamations of "you haven't changed a bit", and "who is that person over there?", a lot of hugs, and "oh my gosh, is it ever good to see you again!"

Then, some of us met for breakfast at Reversing Falls the next morning and even ventured out on the Skywalk. Not having had enough, there was a City walk about for those hardy souls who wanted explore our City.

Our BIG EVENT! Dinner on the stage at the gorgeous Imperial Theatre! We gathered at the front of the Theatre for a group photo under the marque that proclaimed to Saint John that this was the Class of 1958 - 60th Reunion - Saint John High School!

Dinner was served on the stage, no less. Obviously we are stars! With a background of 50's music we enjoyed a grand dinner catered by Mahogany Manor. Table hopping was the activity of the evening. We had to see everyone we had not seen for 60 years in some cases. It was a happy time, but a sad time as well. We honoured those of us who have passed away, surprised at the number. We feel confident in saying "A good time was had by all". Thank you for travelling the distances and reminding us what a great group we are. Seeing you all again created more memories to reflect on in the future.

We've come to the conclusion that we have to do this again! When? We're not sure but we will do it again.

A personal note: this would not have taken place if it were not for Carolyn Danells, the driving force behind the Committee - she makes things happen! We thank you, Carolyn, you're the best!