Saint John High School Swimming begins on Monday September 13. Practices for returning athletes in Grades 11&12 run Monday through Friday from 7:30-8:00am (pool doors will open at 7:15), and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:40-4:10. Students in all grades wishing to tryout should come to one of the above mentioned practices between September 13-17.

All athletes must wear their masks as they enter the pool and change rooms. Bring a waterproof container or ziplock bag to keep your mask in while you are training. INFORMATION IS POSTED ON THE BOARD OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL POOL BENEATH THE GYM.

Athletes trying-out should have a basic level of swimming skill. Basic skill level involves completing four lengths of the pool using front crawl with proper breathing technique (face in the water while breathing to one side). Athletes should have a swimming suit (No shorts and tee-shirt please), a towel, and eventually googles.