Naser Alnaser is a grade 12 student at SJHS who is currently working as a peer mentor in an English as an Additional Language class. The most impressive part is that he was a student in that same class just three years ago!

Naser is originally from Syria. He fled with his parents and five siblings due to war back in 2013. His family became refugees in Jordan before finally arriving in Saint John in 2016 when Naser was only 11 years old. He spoke absolutely no English at the time.

When he arrived at SJHS in grade 9, Naser became a student in our EAL class. It was a great experience for him: "Everyday we were learning something new and improving our English. It was a diverse class that celebrated everyone, and I never felt different from anyone else."

Naser worked hard to improve his English and eventually completed all the levels of EAL offered at SJHS. Now, as a student in grade 12 he has chosen to become a peer mentor for the same class that helped him as a newcomer to the city.

"I wanted to help others because I could relate to them, and I know how they feel being a newcomer. I wanted to be able to help them communicate with their teachers and other students."

Naser has been doing an amazing job in class! Even though he feels some pressure in the role of a mentor, he says that the experience has been very fun and cool so far.

We are very proud of Naser's accomplishment and hope that our current EAL students will be inspired by his story!