Privacy Policy

Saint John High School is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information. Personal information is collected, used, maintained, and disclosed in association with our web site in compliance with Saint John High School Privacy Policy and applicable federal and provincial privacy legislation.

Policy last updated and effective as of August 16, 2016

In This Privacy Policy

Alumni Directory

We maintain an Alumni Directory for the convenience of web site visitors. This directory mainly contains the public graduate lists which are published each year in the local newspaper, grad programmes and yearbooks. We receive updates of mailing addresses and contact information from Alumni in person at reunions, over the phone, and also through electronic submission on our web site. We review information that is submitted electronically, and will send you a confirmation e-mail (if you have provided an e-mail address) that contains the information we have for you on file.

Contact information is always private and is never displayed publicly. Web site visitors have the option to send a message to a single e-mail address specified as the "primary e-mail address". This message is subject to approval by web site staff before being forwarded to prevent spam and other abuse messages from going through.

We use your contact information that you submit to us to mail out free newsletters on a yearly basis (if desired) and to notify you of upcoming reunion events for your class. We may provide this contact information at our discretion to organizers planning reunion events for your year, under the agreement that they will only use this information to notify you about the upcoming events.

For all class years for 2004 and later, grad photos are posted after graduation. These photos are generally the same as the photos appearing on the composites inside the school building as well as in the yearbook. We optionally allow alumni from other years to submit photos of themselves to be posted on our web site.

Public Display of Student Names

Student names are routinely published in our news articles and other content in relation to school activities. To protect the privacy of students, the identities of current students appearing in photos are generally not disclosed. Exceptions may be made by listing in arbitrary order the names of multiple students appearing in a particular photo. Exceptions may also be made if the student's name appears with their photo in a newspaper article or other public document, or if the student specifically grants permission to display their name with their photo on our web site.

Student Tracker

Our Student Tracker allows students to access personalized information relating to their school activities including, but not necessarily limited to, homeroom lists, debts owed, activity points and grad writeups. This information is secured by login using last name and student number. This information is never provided publicly and is only released to students as a convenience. The information may be updated periodically by school staff. Despite the name, the Student Tracker does not provide any sort of student tracking service beyond what is described here.

Log Files

We collect and use the information contained within an automatically generated log of all traffic on our website. The information collected includes IP addresses, browser types, page views and cookie information. We use this information in an aggregate form to calculate overall site traffic patterns, to analyze user trends, and to administer the website. Individual traffic patterns will not be disclosed to any third party, with the exception of law enforcement or internet service providers (ISPs) in order to assist with investigations of illegal activity, abuse against our web site, or violations of ISP acceptable use policies.


When you a visit a website the server for that site may automatically set a cookie on your computer. A cookie is a small text file that is stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive. Many sites, including this website, use cookies to remember user preferences, assist in counting hits and visits to a page, or session information that allows you to gain access to specific resources on our web site.

The default setting for most browsers is to automatically accept cookies. You may configure your browser to accept all cookies, to notify you when a cookie is issued, or not to receive cookies at any time. The last option means that certain services will be unavailable.

Contact Forms

When you use a contact form, we ask for your name and e-mail address. This information is only used to communicate with you individually and it is not used for any other purpose. Your IP address, which identifies which internet service provider (ISP) you are using is appended to your message. This does not identify you personally to us, only the computer you are using. All messages sent using contact forms on our web site can be monitored by the webmaster.

Donations and Purchases

On certain areas of our site, we allow you to purchase merchandise or make donations using PayPal or Interac e-Transfer. These services do not enable to gain access to your financial information such as credit card numbers, etc. They merely act as an intermediate entity to allow you to send money to us electronically. These services ask for your e-mail address and will share it with us in order to allow the transaction to proceed. We will only use this to contact you about the transaction and not use it for any other purpose.

Third Party Services

Our web site does not include any third party advertising services which collect or use your personal information.

We use Google reCAPTCHA to secure our contact forms and other pages on our web site. Use of these services is optional. For more information about the functionality of Google reCAPTCHA and its privacy implications, refer to Google reCAPTCHA's web site.

Like many common web sites, we use Google Analytics to track usage on our web site. For more information about how Google Analytics may affect your privacy, refer to the Google Privacy Policy.

Some of our web pages may include links to external web sites, including social networking web sites such as Facebook. We are not responsible for the content of external web sites, or their privacy policies.

Removal of Personal Information

If you are concerned about your privacy as a result of your personal information appearing on the web site, please contact the webmaster to request editing or removal.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We may from time to time change its Privacy Policy as new services are added or old ones changed. Changes will be effective when notice of such change is posted on our website. Please review this policy regularly for updates.