Barry Harbinson

Position Principal
Subjects English
First Year Teaching 1975
Category Retired
History After graduating from Cookshire High School in Cookshire, Quebec, I was employed by the Department of Supplies & Services and the Department of Agriculture for a year prior to attending UNBF. My University years were sponsored by Eaton Cemetery thanks to its summer employment. My practice teaching was completed at Fredericton High School. Further educational training was provided by Kings Landing, which hired me to develop and administer the Visiting Cousins programme. This historical setting, plus my BA in History, prepared me for my move in the fall of 1975 to a school founded in 1805.
What I like most about Saint John High Not only is it one of the oldest public schools in Canada, it is one of the best public schools in Canada.
Hobbies and Interests outside of school When I have some free time it is spent reading, walking, cooking and travelling.
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